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This video, titled "【ENG Sub】How to make Japanese Painting "NIHONGA" -from Sketching to completion-," was released by "Nihonga Painter Miwa Hiduki."
The process for making great pictures is
1. Sketching
2. Rough outline
3. Tracing
4. Outlining
5. Coloring
After deciding on a motif, you can start sketching.
Try expanding on the motif shown in the video and sketching.
In the video she uses tracing paper and transcribes the rough sketch.
The next step is to outline, an important step in Japanese painting.
Once the outlining is complete, the coloring begins.

Check out the beautiful sketches shown in the video.
It will stimulate your creativity!

Let's Draw Some Japanese Style Pictures! Refine Your Artistic Ability! Learn to Color With a Japanese Painter's Sketchbook!
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