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A Look at Five Outdoor Knives for Any Camping Situation!

This video, titled "Recommended [5 outdoor knives] Which is the most popular one?" was released by "solo camp & camp cooking in Japan TANA channe."
It introduces popular camping equipment, including outdoor knives.

Outdoor knives can be used for many purposes, such as cooking, for use in bushcraft, and in worst case scenarios to chop wood, or as a survival tool in the event of a disaster.

The video describes the feel and weight of the knives as well, so be sure to use it as a refence when purchasing an outdoor knife in Japan!

The Different Outdoor Knives Introduced in the Video

Introduced from 1:53 is Opinel Knives’ "Opinel Carbon # 9" and "Stainless Steel # 7" which are made of carbon steel.
Introduced from 8:04 is Kai’s "Shun" series knife which is a Santoku knife that is ideal for cutting apples and other fruits when cooking outdoors.

Tana also recommends the Swedish brand "Mora Knife," Mcusta's "Damascus Knife," and the large Hogue Knife “EX-F01 Combat Knife."

Choosing an Outdoor Knife Shown in the Video

Image of different outdoor knives
Photo:Various outdoor knives

Outdoor knives can be purchased not only at specialty stores, but also online and at home improvement stores across Japan.
The most popular are outdoor knives and tool knives that are made in Japan.
We recommend checking out the various types (universal/specialized, etc.), the material (steel, carbon, etc.), the grind (flat grind/hollow grind, etc.), and the safety features, such as lock functionality, as well as cost performance when looking for the knife that is right for your outdoor experience.

Also, check the material and durability of the blade, the length of the blade, and the portability, including whether or not it can be folded.
When purchasing an outdoor knife in Japan be careful not to infringe on the Firearm and Sword Possession Control Law!

Maintenance and Sharpening of Outdoor Knives

If you neglect proper maintenance on your outdoor knife after using it and put it back into its sheath it may rust while in storage.
Be sure to clean your knife with a neutral detergent and lukewarm water.
At 3:30, you can also see how a whetstone is used to sharpen a knife.

Summary of Various Outdoor Knives for Camping

In addition to the ones shown in the video, there are various other types of outdoor knives, including camping knives, Swiss army knives, folding knives, and more.

If you get a knife to bring on camping trips, you can enjoy outdoor cooking and making excellent camping meals.
Find the outdoor knife that works best for you and get out and enjoy the great outdoors!

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Last Updated : May. 7, 2022
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Five Outdoor Knives That Are Essential for Camping! Various Knives That Can Be Used for Cooking and Bushcraft, and How to Care For Them!
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