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About the Video Showing the Single Burners

This video, titled “Seven Single Burners | Comparing Popular Brands | Beginner Friendly | Choose OD Gas or CB Gas,” was uploaded by “solo camp & camp cooking in Japan TANA channe.”
The video introduces single burners that can be used for camping or other outdoor activities, while going over how to choose them, as well as how each is used.

A single burner is a piece of camping gear that can be used outdoors to boil water, cook camping meals, and more. They're a must for any solo or group camping trip!

The Single Burners Recommended in the Video

The 7 single burners introduced in the video are as follows:
・Soto Shinfuji G'z G-stove STG-10 (Soto Shinfuji G'z G-ストーブSTG-10) (Video ~5:01)
・Soto Regulator Stove ST-310 (Video ~14:06)
・Coleman F-1 Power Stove JCM-S106A (Video ~21:27)
・Primus P-153 Ultra Burner (Video ~25:53)
・Iwatani Primus 2243 BUrner IP-2243PA (Video ~32:23)
・Snow Peak HOME &CAMP Burner Silver GS-600SL (Video ~36:40)
・EVERNEW AL Titan grate for Stove EBY253 (Video ~42:30)

Although not listed here, manufacturers such as Iwatani also sell single burners.
OD cans (outdoor cans) and CB cans (cassette gas bombe cylinders) can be used as fuel for single burners.

Easy-to-Use Single Burners, as Shown in the Video!

Image of a single burner
Photo:A single burner

In addition to camping and mountain climbing, single burners can also be used as emergency equipment in times of disaster, typhoons, earthquakes, and other emergencies.

Partition or unified single burners can be easily purchased at home centers or outdoor supply stores, and have relatively low running costs.
The reason for their popularity is that they have sufficient heat, can be easily used for everything from boiling water to outdoor cooking, and are easy to use and maintain.

Uses and Precautions for the Single Burners Shown in the Video

Image of a campground at night
Photo:A campground at night

Lighters needed to light the burners can be found at supermarkets and convenience stores.
Campers may use gas, kerosene, solid fuel burners, alcohol burners, and white gas lanterns for outdoor cooking and light.

Also, if you have an igniter cartridge, you don't need a lighter to use it.
However, while convenient to use, you need to be careful about fire accidents and gas leaks due to incomplete combustion.

Summary of the Single Burner Introduction Video

The single burners shown in the video are compact, portable, wind-resistant and very convenient.
If you have a griddle and a stove, you can cook some delicious camping food.

If you want to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest, then definitely consider picking up a handy single burner like the ones shown in the video!

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Last Updated : May. 8, 2022
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Introducing the 7 Best Single Burners for Outdoor Camping! Compact, Versatile and Convenient Gear! Check Out This Video to See the Amazing Performance of These Wind-Resistant Burners!
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