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Stake Hammers for Camping

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With Japan's unprecedented camping boom, more and more people are getting in to solo or family camping. In this article, we'll introduce stake hammers, a useful tool for camping.
If you're new to camping, you might be wondering, "What's a stake hammer?" or "Can't I just use a cheap rubber hammer from a 100-yen store instead?"

To answer the first question, a stake hammer is a tool for hammering stakes (metal wedge-like tools that are driven into the ground to secure the ropes of a tent or tarp) into the ground.

The difference between a stake hammer and a common hammer is that a stake hammer is also used for removing stakes. At first glance, stake hammering and stake removal may seem like very simple tasks, but depending on the compatibility of the stakes and hammer used, setting up and taking down tents and tarps can become surprisingly efficient, making your camping experience even more enjoyable.

This article will introduce stake hammers that can be used by both beginners and experts while keeping in mind various things, such as specifications, popular models, weight, size, and design. This is a must-see for those looking to enjoy camping in the future, as well as for experienced campers looking for a reliable stake hammer.

How to Choose the Right Stake Hammer

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While being lightweight is often a priority for outdoor goods such as camping equipment, in the case of stake hammers, it's important to evaluate the overall durability, safety, and ease of use when purchasing a stake hammer.
In addition, it's important to consider stake removal when choosing a stake hammer. We recommend choosing one that allows you to hook stakes with the other side of the hammer, opposite the striking surface.
Also, if you have more than one stake hammer, you can decrease the amount of time it takes to set up your tents/tarps, etc. by having the other people you're camping with help hammer the stakes into the ground.
When purchasing a tent or tarp, some products come with a rubber-headed stake hammer. However, they often cannot be used for stake removal, so it's better to purchase a special stake hammer at a home improvement center or specialty store for mountain climbing.

8 Stake Hammers Recommended by a Camping Professional

Here, we'll go over the stake hammers introduced in the video.

・Snow Peak PRO. S Stake Hammer
The steel head makes it easy to hammer stakes into the ground. It has a beak-shaped stake puller, so it works well with compatible stakes or stakes with large hooks; it is not suitable for Y-stakes, etc.
[Video] 1:11 - Snow Peak PRO. S Stake Hammer

・Snow Peak PRO. C Stake Hammer
The striking portion of the snow peak PRO.S stake hammer is made of copper. Copper is softer than steel, so it's effective at reducing impact when striking. However, the softness of copper causes more wear and tear, so the striking portion should be replaced routinely. The PRO.C is priced higher than the PRO. S.
[Video] 4:23 - Snow Peak PRO. C Stake Hammer

・Coleman Stake Hammer
A stainless-steel stake hammer with a stake puller. Recommended for smaller hands. It's relatively lightweight, but the center of gravity is at the top, so it feels good to use. The stake puller may not be suitable for some stake shapes.
[Video] 6:32 - Coleman Stake Hammer

・CAPTAIN STAG Aluminum Stake Hammer (Blue)
Aluminum is used for the grip while the head is cast metal. This lightweight stake hammer is great for female campers and is compatible with lightweight stakes such as Y-stakes and X-stakes.
On the other side of the striking surface is a small scoop, which is very useful when removing stakes, with some campers using this hammer exclusively for removing stakes.
[Video] 8:12 - CAPTAIN STAG Aluminum Stake Hammer (Blue)

・CAPTAIN STAG Rubber Hammer
The head is made of rubber. This is the same type of stake hammer generally included with tents and tarps.
The head is soft, so it is very safe, but it is not suitable for hitting hard stakes. Also, it doesn't come with a stake puller, so you may want to think of it as a camping tool that kids can use.
[Video] 10:55 - CAPTAIN STAG Rubber Hammer

・CAPTAIN STAG Forged Sledgehammer (2 lb)
Weighing about 1 kg, it should be considered a stake hammer for hard stakes only. Because it's heavy, it's not very easy to carry, and it doesn't come with a stake puller. That being said, it works great for campsites with hard ground.
[Video] 12:15 - CAPTAIN STAG Forged Sledgehammer (2 lb)

・MSR Stake Hammer
Suitable for lightweight stakes and for removing stakes. Compact and lightweight for easy storage, recommended for solo camping or as a backup stake hammer.
[Video] 14:09 - MSR Stake Hammer

・NEMO Meldr Hammer
A well-balanced hammer, with a hole on the back of the head and stake puller on the grip end that doubles as a bottle opener.
[Video] 16:04 - NEMO Meldr Hammer

Summary of Stake Hammers for Camping in Japan

In addition to those shown in the video, there are also other types of stake hammers that use brass on the striking surface to soften the impact, as well as products with cases for easy storage.
Tool selection is very important when camping. Whether you're a beginner to camping and considering purchasing a stake hammer, or an experienced camper looking for a stake hammer that's easier to use, be sure to check out the video to see how each hammer can be used and find the hammer that's right for you!

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Top 8 Stake Hammers According to a Japanese Camping Pro! Weight, Storage, Size, Etc. What to Consider When Buying!
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