Insect Repellent Is Essential for Camping in Japan's Humid Weather

Japan is experiencing an unprecedented camping boom right now! The Corona pandemic has made it a popular leisure activity for both families and solo campers alike. However, many areas in Japan are humid, resulting in high numbers of mosquitoes and other insects.

In the forest, there are more mosquitoes and bees than in the city, so insect repellent is a must. In this article, we'll introduce some strategies to protect against insects when camping in Japan!

Bug Spray Video Introduction

Image of women getting bit by mosquitoes
Photo:Women getting bit by mosquitoes

This video, titled "Top 8 Items to Keep Away Insects When Camping" (キャンプの虫対策に買って良かったおすすめアイテム8選をご紹介), was uploaded by "Camp Lab" (キャンプ研究所). The video introduces 8 items recommended by an experienced camper to prevent being bitten by insects.

It's hard to enjoy camping when you keep getting bitten by mosquitoes. You might not even enjoy camping outdoors anymore because you're afraid of being bitten by insects. If you are one of those people, then be sure to keep reading so you can enjoy nature again! Take all possible measures against insects so you can have fun camping!

Fujinishiki Power Forest Incense for Professional Use

Image of a mosquito coil
Photo:A mosquito coil

Fujinishiki Power Forest Incense is a mosquito coil famous for being used by forestry professionals. Compared to ordinary mosquito coils, it is about three times larger and thicker.

Of course, the larger size means more smoke, but the main ingredient used is metofluthrin, which is has no effect on the human body. The coil lasts for about 4 hours. In the video, it's recommended that two of these be used together. A special portable incense container for this mosquito repellent incense is available on Amazon and other online retailers.
[Video] 1:45 - Fujinishiki Power Forest Incense

Yabu Mosquito Barrier to Spray Around Tents

Yabu Mosquito Barrier is a convenient spray that can be sprayed directly onto the ground or grass. Spraying it around the area where you'll be camping will create a barrier effect. Combined with the above-mentioned Fujinishiki Power Forest Incense, it's said to be incredibly effective.
[Video] 4:30 - Using Yabu Mosquito Barrier

Electric Insect Killer LED Lantern

Lanterns are a must-have when it comes to camping, and this lantern has a black light function that's recommended for combating insects. It has two switches allowing it to be used as a regular lantern as well, making it very convenient.
[Video] 4:48 - Insect repelling lantern

Oniyanma-kun - The Insect Repelling Dragonfly

This item is shaped like an oniyanma, a natural enemy of horseflies and gnats. It's supposedly effective at scaring away and keeping away horseflies and gnats. This item is said to be difficult to obtain, but when two of these are hung on a table, any horseflies that were in the area are said to disappear, and users report that it actually works.
[Video] 6:08 - Oniyanma-kun

Deet-Free "Angel's Skin Vape" Insect Repellent

For those who usually use a mint oil spray to protect their children from insects, this is a recommend deet-free product. The effect of the mint oil spray does not last very long, so you need to spray frequently, but this product lasts up to 8 hours.
[Video] 7:41 - Angel Skin Vape

Workman - DIAGUARD Long Sleeve T-Shirts

These T-shirts are woven with a special fiber that repels insects. It's convenient as all you have to do is throw it on and your bug proof! The video also discusses proper clothing to protect against insects. It recommends avoiding exposed skin, wearing light-colored clothes, etc. Experiments have shown that dark-colored clothes are more likely to result in insect bites.

In addition to wearing long sleeves and long pants, it's also important to protect your face and neck area with a bandana or towel.
[Video] 9:15 - DIAGUARD Long-Sleeved T-Shirts

Muhi Alpha EX - Recommended for Insect Bites

No matter how thorough you are in taking precautions against insects, there are times when you still get bitten by insects. In such cases, Muhi Alpha EX is great to have. The pharmacy recommended this product to the YouTuber in the video when he told them that he was going camping.
[Video] 11:03 - Muhi Alpha EX

Poison Remover Pump Kit - To Suck Out Toxins

This poison remover is recommended in the event of a centipede or bee sting. If you carry it with you when camping, you can use it in the unlikely event that you're bitten by a poisonous snake as well.

This product is shaped like a syringe and is pushed in instead of pulled out so that you can suck out poison even when you're alone. To see how it works, check it out in the video.
[Video] 11:41 - Poison Remover Pump Kit

Summary of Insect Protection for Camping in Japan

This article introduced items that can be used by children and products popular among campers as insect repellents for family camping.

There are many dangerous insects in Japan. If you're thinking of camping in Japan, make sure you take the proper precautions against insects and enjoy a safe camping trip!

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An Advanced Camper's Top 8 Items to Keep Away Insects! Useful Goods for Both Adults and Kids for Camping in Japan!
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