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Stakes and stake hammers used to set up tents in camp, sheets to lay down inside a tent, etc. etc. Although they don't stand out, there are certain pieces of camping gear that you don't want to be caught without. Outdoor activities are all the rage in Japan these days. For those who are just getting in to camping, here's a list of essential camping gear that every beginner should have.

Video Introduction

Image of a tent
Photo:A tent

This video, titled "6 Camping Essentials You Don't Want to Be Caught Without! Useful Camping Equipment [A Must-See for Beginners!]" (【無いと困る】キャンプギア6選!本当に役立つの地味な道具達【初心者必見】), was uploaded by "KAME SOLO CAMPING."

What do beginner campers just starting to get their gear together think of when they hear the term "camping gear"? The video creator mainly camps solo in a one-pole tent. If you're looking to enjoy a similar style of camping, you should definitely check this out.

Numerous Camping Gear Brands

Image of camping at night
Photo:Camping at night

Camping gear is available from a wide variety of brands. Among them, Coleman and Snow Peak are well-known in Japan, while Nordisk, ZANE ARTS, and Helinox are popular among campers looking to camp in style. Other camping gear is available from Workman and even from 100-yen shops all across Japan.
When you think of camping gear, the first things that come to mind are probably tents, lanterns, tables, chairs, tarps, and coolers. This video introduces not the items that everyone thinks of, but rather, "simple yet useful" camping gear, such as the stakes and stake hammers used when setting up and taking down tents.
The video also explains the advantages of each item that he has realized as an experienced camper.

Six Pieces of Camping Gear You Won't Want to Be Without!

Now, let's take a look at the recommended camping gear.

・Forged Stakes
Stakes are essential for securing tents, tarps, and poles. Some tents come with stakes, but in graveled riverbeds, they often bend, as shown in the video. To prevent this from happening, sturdy, forged stakes are a must.
[Video] 0:46 - Forged Stakes

・Stake Hammer With Puller
An easy-to-use stake hammer is all you need to secure your tent or tarp.
The steel hammer shown in the video is also very useful for removing stakes. This hammer can be used to easily pull out stakes stuck in hard ground or long pegs.
[Video] 2:13 - Stake Hammer

・Thick Waterproof Groundsheet
A thick waterproof groundsheet can be placed under a tent and placed on top of various items to keep them from getting dirty. By preventing your gear from getting dirty, you can also shorten the cleanup time after returning home.
[Video] 3:18 - Thick Waterproof Groundsheet

・Leather Gloves
Campfires are one of the best parts of camping. Many campers enjoy relaxing while gazing at the flames. Leather gloves that are resistant to heat are indispensable for this. In cold weather, you'll need firewood, but leather gloves are also great for preventing injuries when chopping wood. They are also useful when handling hot cookers when cooking.
[Video] 4:37 - Leather Gloves

・Broom and Dustpan
A broom and dustpan is useful for cleanup. You can sweep away leaves and sand from tents and dirt and dust from groundsheets. In addition, you can clean the inside of your car after camping. The video creator mentions that he prepares two items, one for clean items and one for dirty items, and he uses them separately. It's a small item that's not bulky, but it's useful when you have it.
[Video] 5:32 - Broom and Dustpan

For cutting kindling, a full-tang one is recommended to avoid the knife breaking off at the base. A folding knife is useful for cooking, and should be used separately from the one for cutting firewood.
[Video] 6:17 - Knife


This article introduced 6 pieces of camping gear that you can't do without! Although it's not a complete list of equipment that you can start camping with, but it's a list of items that you'll be happy you have. The information is from an experienced solo camper as well, so you know that it's reliable!

There are various camping styles, including solo camping, family camping, and day camping. However, the gear introduced here will be useful no matter which style you choose. We hope you will find it useful.

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Must-Have Camping Gear for Beginners! 6 Camping Essentials You Can't Do Without! Stakes, Stake Hammers, and More for Solo Campers!
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