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HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT, Niseko, Hokkaido: Video Introduction

Image of Mt. Yotei from the summit of Niseko Annupuri, Niseko, Hokkaido
Photo:Mt. Yotei from the summit of Niseko Annupuri, Niseko, Hokkaido

This video, titled "Hanazono Zip World Experience - Climax! Japan's longest Mega-zipline, Zip3 Black Diamond Superfly Ver." (Hanazono Zip Worldを体験 ~クライマックス! 日本最長のメガジップライン、Zip3 Black Diamond Superfly編 ~), was uploaded by "Niseko Hanazono Resort" (Hanazono Niseko Resort ニセコ HANAZONOリゾート).

At HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT at the Niseko Hanazono Resort in Hokkaido, visitors can experience one of the longest ziplines in the world.
Ziplining is an outdoor activity in which a belt or harness is attached to a cable that is suspended in the mountains, forests, or other natural areas, and a pulley is used to glide down the rope/cable.

This video shows a thrilling zipline in Niseko, the 1,700-meter-long Black Diamond Superfly that runs from the heights of the mountain to the finish line on the ground with a top speed of 110 km/h. The zipline is one of the many exciting things to do in Niseko. While soaring through the skies, visitors can enjoy the spectacular views of Mt. Yotei.

Summer & Winter at Niseko Hanazono Resort

Image of snowshoes

Located in the western part of central Hokkaido, approximately two hours by car from Sapporo and New Chitose Airport, Niseko is a resort area surrounded by Mt. Yotei, Niseko Annupuri, and other mountains. Known as a world-famous ski resort, it attracts many tourists and sports enthusiasts during ski season.

Niseko Hanazono Resort boasts a wide range of winter activities that allow guests to enjoy the powdery snow of Niseko.
● Snow rafting tours
● Snowshoeing tours
● Horseback riding tours in the snow
● Tubing Park
● Indoor Kids Adventure Area - Galaxy of Kidz

But winter season is not the only time to enjoy activities in Niseko.
There are a variety of things to do at Niseko Hanazono Resort during the summer months. One of the most popular activities is HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT, the popular Niseko Zipline.

The following is an introduction to the features and attractions of the famous Niseko Zipline, HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT.

HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT – Experience 3 Different Ziplines at the Largest Zipline in Japan

HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT, widely known as the Niseko Zipline, is most notable for its length: HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT is the longest zipline in Japan at 2,591 meters long.
Not only is it the longest zipline in Japan, but it's also the longest zipline in Asia and one of the largest ziplines in the world. HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT, widely known as the Niseko Zipline, has three ziplines: MACH1, MACH2, and MACH3, all of which have different a different level of intensity.

It's recommended that you start with MACH1, which is less intense and has a gentle gradient, and then aim for MACH3, which is the most intense of the three.

MACH1, the least intense, reaches speeds of 50 km/h, while MACH2 reaches speeds of about 70 km/h.
MACH3, known as the "Black Diamond Superfly," reaches speeds of up to 110 km/h over a 1,700-meter-long course. Flying through the mountains and trees of Niseko, suspended 50 meters in the air, is a truly exciting experience.
One of the things that makes the zipline so fun is that two ziplines are strung side by side, allowing visitors to experience it together with their family or friends.

HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT – Prices, Discounts, and Reservations

HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT, also known as the Niseko Zipline, offers the following prices, reservation methods, and various discounts (current as of June 2023).
Online reservations are given priority, and a 10% discount is also applied, so it's recommended that you book online in advance to apply for the zip line.

Admission Fee: From June 10 - Adults: 15,000 yen, Children: 12,000 yen
(Adults: Junior high school students and older / weighing 105 kg or less, Children: Elementary school students / weighing 30-105 kg)
April 29 - May 28 - Adults and Children: 9,800 yen
Reservations: Online reservations have priority

● Web Discount - Online reservations receive 10% off the regular price
● Repeater Discount - 20% off on any of your following visits during summer 2023.
● HOKKAIDO LOVE! Discount: 2000 yen off on weekdays and 1000 yen off on holidays with Hokkaido Support Coupon (ほっかいどう応援クーポン).

Niseko Ziplines – What to Wear

Image of a woman wearing a rain coat
Photo:A woman wearing a rain coat

The Niseko Zipline can be enjoyed in comfortable, everyday clothing, but skirts are not permitted. We recommend wearing clothes that are easy to move in and that you do not mind getting dirty. Since you will be walking on unpaved terrain, heels and sandals are not permitted, and sneakers or other comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

Helmets are required on the Niseko Zipline, so if you have long hair, tie it up with a hair band in advance.
If you're thinking about riding the Niseko Zipline on a rainy day, we recommend wearing a waterproof windbreaker or rain jacket. This will protect you from rainwater and provide a comfortable aerial experience.
That being said, in the event of inclement weather, some activities may not take place or the number of active ziplines may change. Please check the weather forecast in advance.

A Luxury Hotel in Hanazono

Image of sunrise from Mt. Yotei, Hokkaido
Photo:Sunrise from Mt. Yotei, Hokkaido

After a day of physical activities in the comfortable nature of Hokkaido and enjoying the Niseko Zipline, a hotel with a spa is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono, located within Niseko Hanazono Resort, offers a superb view of Mt. Yotei, as well as exquisite cuisine, and a spacious, luxurious environment to relax after a long day of travel. With outstanding reviews Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono is a recommended hotel for those looking for a luxurious resort for adults.

Other Things to Do in Niseko

Image of Oyunuma Pond, Niseko, Hokkaido
Photo:Oyunuma Pond, Niseko, Hokkaido

Niseko is a popular destination in Hokkaido full of exciting outdoor activities to enjoy.

Niseko is quite popular for its onsen (hot springs), and there are a number of locations in the Niseko area where you can enjoy relaxing in onsen all year round.

Thanks to the beautiful scenery of Hokkaido, cycling is another popular activity in Niseko. The area boasts an endless number of breathtaking views with which to cycle to, and there are even cycling events, such as the Niseko Classic, held in the area each year.

Another exciting outdoor activity to enjoy in Niseko is camping. Again, making great use of the natural beauty of Hokkaido, there are a countless campgrounds available to choose from. You can choose a campground where you bring your own tent, or even one where the accommodations are provided. There are also free campsites as well, if you're looking to go camping on a budget.

How to Get to Niseko

Image of Niseko Station, Hokkaido
Photo:Niseko Station, Hokkaido

Access to Niseko will depend on where in Japan you're coming from. With that said, assuming you're already in Hokkaido, here are 3 ways to get to Niseko.

Sapporo to Niseko
From Sapporo Station, you can either take a bus to Otaru and then transfer to a bus which will take you to Niseko, or take a bus straight to Niseko (~3 hours).

Hakodate to Niseko
From Hakodate you can take a limited express train to Oshamambe Station, and from there transfer to a local line to Niseko Station (~4 hours).

New Chitose Airport to Niseko
From New Chitose Airport you can take the train to Sapporo Station, and from there to Otaru Station. From Otaru Station you can then take a bus to Niseko Station (~3.5 hours). Alternatively, you could take a bus from Sapporo Station to Niseko Station.

Keep in mind that, if you're coming by car, you can significantly cut your travel time.

Additionally, because the Niseko area is so vast, there are two main stations in the area: Niseko Station and Kutchan Station. Depending on where in Niseko you'll be sightseeing, the station you travel to can vary as well. Be sure to keep this in mind, as you can end up saving a lot of time by going to the station closest to your destination.

Summary of HANAZONO ZIP WORLD, Home to the Largest Zipline in Japan

HANAZONO ZIPFLIGHT, one of the world's largest mega-ziplines, is a must-try activity when visiting Hokkaido. The thrill and excitement conveyed in the video, as well as the beautiful scenery, is sure to make for an unforgettable experience. We hope you get a chance to enjoy this aerial adventure in Niseko.


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