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New Attractions in Hokkaido: Video Introduction

This video, titled "[Official] PR Video 'HOKKAIDO MIRAI NOTE'" (【公式】PR動画「北海道ミライノート」 /HOKKAIDO MIRAI NOTE』) , was uploaded by "Hokkaido Official" (北海道公式).
This video introduces the Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival, a popular tourist attraction, as well as small events and out-of-the-way places in Hokkaido.
With its row of ice sculptures, the Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival is one of Hokkaido's representative winter festivals. The natural blue glow during the day and the colorful lights at night create a fantastic world. The festival is shown in the video, so be sure to check it out.
[Video] 2:32 - Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival

New Attractions in Hokkaido: Exciting Summer Events

Image of Hokkaido Balloon Festival, Kamishiro, Hokkaido
Photo:Hokkaido Balloon Festival, Kamishiro, Hokkaido

The below is details for the summer events introduced in the video.

Sapporo 8Fes (さっぽろ八月祭, Sapporo Hachigatsusai)
Location: Sapporo Kita 3-jo Plaza
Event period: Around the end of July
Sapporo 8Fes is held at a venue covered with the symbolic "Furoshiki" (a Japanese traditional wrapping cloth), where visitors are able to enjoy a variety of Bon dances, as well as other various programs such as Mochimaki (rice-cake shower) and Nigiwai Ennichi (a summer festival).
[Video] 0:31 - Sapporo 8Fes

Location: Tobiu Art Festival
Event period: Around early September
TOBIU CAMP is a forest space where visitors can enjoy unique experiences such as camping and a wide variety of handmade food. The fairytale-like worldview is especially breathtaking, utilizing expressions such as art, music, Ainu folk songs and dances, dance performances, and theater, set in a wooden school building and vast pastureland.
[Video] 1:40 - Scenes from Tobiu Art Festival

Hokkaido Balloon Festival (北海道バルーンフェスティバル)
Location: Kamishiro Aviation Park
Event period: Mid-August
With the sound of the balloon's roaring burner visitors are taken 20 meters into the air. You can experience a 5-minute anchored flight, which offers a spectacular panoramic view from inside the balloon. In addition, at night, the entire venue is illuminated by burner flames, creating a fantastical view that you can't experience during the day.
[Video] 1:51 - Hokkaido Balloon Festival

Events and schedules may change due to COVID-19 so be sure to check the latest information before visiting.

Even More Places to See in Hokkaido! Check Out These Recommended Tourist Attractions!

There are many other events, sightseeing and gourmet spots in Hokkaido. In the video you can see many more spots. Even if you've visited Hokkaido before, there may be spots and events that you've never heard of. If you have a chance to visit Hokkaido, consider adding these new spots to your travel plans!

Image of Soya Misaki Wind Farm, Hokkaido
Photo:Soya Misaki Wind Farm, Hokkaido

Soya Misaki Wind Farm - Wakkanai
Space Forest Festival - Taiki
Morihiko - Sapporo City
Kita no Sumai Sekkeisha - Higashikawa
gla_gla - Toyako
Mêmu Meadows - Taiki
Former Shimizusawa Thermal Power Plant - Yubari

Image of Ishiyama Green Space, Hokkaido
Photo:Ishiyama Green Space, Hokkaido

Ishiyama Green Space - Sapporo City
Shiribetsu River Rafting - Kutchan
Mt. Io - Teshikaga
Factory Night Views - Tomakomai
Obihiro Racecourse - Obihiro

Image of Tokkarisho Lookout, Hokkaido
Photo:Tokkarisho Lookout, Hokkaido

Tokkarisho Lookout - Muroran
Cape Chikyu - Muroran

Summary of New Attractions in Hokkaido

Hokkaido is always ranked high in prefectural attractiveness rankings and rankings of the best prefectures to visit in Japan and is a popular sightseeing destination. Of course, the grand nature and views are wonderful but the nice cafes and plenty of photogenic spots are great as well!

Hokkaido, with its rich charm, is a place with activities for all types of people, such as those traveling with children, female travelers looking for girls' trips, and foodies looking for some gourmet sightseeing.

As you can see from the video, there are still many events and spots that are not well known. There still might be more nice, out-of-the-way spots not shown in the video. When traveling in Hokkaido, take the opportunity to discover new and charming spots that you won't find in a guide book.


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