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Introducing the Marine Walk (Sea Walk) at Onna Village!

This video, titled "Onna village Sea Walk" (恩納村マリンウォーク), introduces the popular resort destination Onna in Okinawa prefecture. If you enjoy water sports we highly recommend you give this video a watch!

From 0:16 in the video you can see the popular Sea Walk, which is, as its name suggests, literally walking underwater in the sea. It is also known as Ocean Walk, Marine Walk, and Sea Walker.
Oxygen is supplied via a helmet that looks similar to an astronauts helmet, allowing you to dive down and walk along the sea floor. The great part is that even those that can't swim can enjoy this activity.
Enjoy the views of the ocean floor in this video!

More About the Marine Walk at Onna Village

There's no doubt many people who would like to take part in marine activities, such as scuba diving or snorkeling, yet worry about their swimming ability or fear that the activities are too difficult and out of reach.

However, as you can see in the video, during a Sea Walk you only need to be able to walk underwater, so even those who cannot swim can enjoy this activity to the fullest.
An instructor is always present to make sure no accidents occur, so even those trying it for the first time can feel safe and comfortable.
You can also enjoy taking pictures underwater and feeding the tropical fish!
At 0:42 in the video, you can see two people having fun as they're surrounded by fish while feeding them.

The colorful orange clownfish, which became famous due to the huge popularity of the movie Finding Nemo by Disney Pixar, can be seen at 1:04 in the video.
This is the kind of beautiful scenery you can enjoy if you take part in a Sea Walk!

Other activities you can enjoy in Onna village!

Image of banana boat
Photo:Banana boat

If you are planning on taking a trip to Onna, there are many activities and water sports you can try!
For example you can enjoy riding a banana boat, sea kayaking, jet skiing, intertubing, wakeboarding, SUP, and more!

Other activities you can enjoy include flyboarding, parasailing, surfing, and trolling.
We recommend taking a look at prices and booking online before your trip to Okinawa!

Summary of Onna Village's Sea Walk

This video was created by Blue Ocean Okinawa.
In this quick 2 minute video, you can see the fun-filled Sea Walk taking place at the Blue Cave (青の洞窟, aonodoukutsu) in Onna village.

Taking part in a Sea Walk is guaranteed to be a rare and unique experience you won't soon forget.
If you plan on taking a trip to Onna, we highly recommend you try out the Sea Walk!

【Official Website】Experience a Sea Walk in Onna village, Okinawa! (Blue Ocean)

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Last Updated : Oct. 5, 2020
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