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Miyakojima '17END': Video Introduction

This video, titled "[8K 60P] 17END - A Beautiful Beach on Miyakojima, Okinawa, Japan" ([8K60P] 17END 宮古島の絶景ビーチ Beautiful Beach Miyako,Okinawa,Japan), was uploaded by "Saha Entertainment TV."

Miyakojima (Miyako Island), the pride of Okinawa, has many beautiful beaches. Among them, Yonaha Beach (Yonaha Maehama Beach) is famous as one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. However, these actually a beach that is even more beautiful than Yonaha Beach... That is '17END.'

The name 17END comes from the fact that the runway is angled at 170 degrees from north (0 degrees), and the runway identification number is 17. The 'END' portion comes from the aviation term "Runway End" where the beach is located.

17END is a fantastic beach that can be seen only when certain conditions are met. Before going any further though, be sure to check out the beauty of the beach in this 8K video.

17END - A Phantom Beach With White Sand and Clear Blue Waters!

Image of 17END, a phantom beach
Photo:17END, a phantom beach

Next, we'll go over some of the charms of 17END, a fantastic beach that can only be seen when the weather and tides are in harmony.

[17END Attraction #1] White Sandy Beaches and Clear Blue Waters
The beautiful white sand and the clear turquoise blue sea make this beach one of the most beautiful spots on Miyakojima.

[17END Attraction #2] Awesome Airplanes Overhead!
The island is located directly behind Shimojishima Airport, so if you time it right, you can watch airplanes take off and land up close. It is also the only place in Japan where visitors can watch touch-and-go landing drills.

[17END Attraction #3] Breathtaking Sunsets
Although famous for its white sandy beaches and clear blue waters, 17END is also known for its beautiful sunsets, with the sky and sea turning to vibrant shades of orange. 17END is a photogenic spot, as it offers an unobstructed view of the ocean.

Things to Do at 17END

Image of people enjoying the beach at 17END
Photo:People enjoying the beach at 17END

At 17END you can do more than just walk along the beach and admire the spectacular views.
Swimming is also allowed in the clear blue waters.

If you make reservations at one of the marine shops nearby, you can even try SUP (Stand-up Paddleboarding) and have a blast while enjoying the water.
In addition, you can take a jet ski tour to a mysterious cave at 17END while enjoying the beautiful beach to your heart's content.

When the weather is nice, we also recommend renting a bicycle to cross Irabu Ohashi Bridge and exploring the area from Irabu Island to Shimoji Island.

Location and Access Information for 17END, Miyakojima

Image of Shimojishima Airport, Miyakojima, Okinawa
Photo:Shimojishima Airport, Miyakojima, Okinawa

If you're considering visiting 17END, please keep in mind that you have to visit at low tide. At low tide, the pure white beach is revealed, but at high tide, the beach is submerged, and cannot be seen.

Located on Shimoji Island, a remote island on Miyakojima, access is a 10-minute drive from Shimojishima Airport. Vehicles are not allowed on the beach, so please use a nearby parking lot.

There are no lifeguards on duty at the beach either, and because there are places where rip currents occur, be sure to check dangerous places in advance and avoid them during your visit. Be sure to take care of your belongings as well.

Summary of 17END

If you still haven't watched the video yet, we definitely recommend checking it out as you can see hear the sound of the wind and waves while viewing the beautiful waters of the beach.
17END is a fantastic beach located on Shimoji Island, a remote island of Miyakojima, which only appears at low tide. By carefully monitoring the weather conditions and tides, you'll have a higher chance of seeing this fantastic beach. It's a spectacular spot that Miyakojima takes pride in, and you should definitely see it of you have the chance.

For lodging, there are hotels available on Shimoji Island as well as on the neighboring Irabu Island.
Some people say that of all the beaches on Miyako Island, 17END is by far the most beautiful. Come and see the sandy white beaches and clear blue waters with your own eyes! The amazing scenery will surely make for a memorable part of any trip to Okinawa.

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17END - A Beautiful Attraction on Miyakojima Only Seen at Low Tide! A Guide to the White Sandy Beaches and Clear Waters in Okinawa
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