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Oita Prefecture – The Hot Spring Prefecture of Japan

This video, titled “[Hot Spring Prefecture] 'Shinfuro' Full Version|SHINFURO: Synchronized|Swimming in Hot Springs” (【おんせん県】「シンフロ」篇 フルバージョン SHINFURO:Synchronized Swimming in Hot Springs), was released by “Onsen Prefecture Oita Official (Oita Prefecture Public Relations and Information Division)” (おんせん県おおいた公式(大分県広報広聴課)).
The video shows a professional synchronized swimming team, led by a former Japanese national team member, performing synchronized swimming at a hot spring in Oita Prefecture, the hot spring capital of Japan.

The unprecedented video, with a comedic touch, was shot on location at popular hot springs throughout Oita Prefecture, and as soon as it was uploaded, it spread like wildfire and now has more than 2 million views.

Highlights of Oita Prefecture’s Synchronized Swimming Hot Spring Video

Image of Shinfuro, Oita Prefecture
Photo:Shinfuro, Oita Prefecture

The video shows a professional synchronized swimming team, led by a former Japanese national team member, performing synchronized swimming in a hot spring in Oita Prefecture.
In the video they combine the words "ofuro" (お風呂, bath) and "shinkuro" (シンクロ, synchronized) to create the word "shinfuro," referring to the synchronized swimming in the hot springs.
The synchronized swimmers enter the open-air bath of Uke no Kuchi Onsen|Ryokan Shinseikan at 0:21 in the video.
It's a splendid display of synchronization!

You can see the group performing synchronized swimming at various hot spring in Oita Prefecture, including "Okamotoya Ryokan" at 0:47, "Ichinoide Kaikan" at 0:54, "Amagase Onsen" at 1:00, "Hinode Onsen" at 1:06, "Suginoi Hotel" at 1:13, "Nihiki no Oni" at 1:32, "Hyotan Onsen" at 1:35, the "Beppu Beach Sandbaths" at 1:38, "Hyotan Onsen" again at 1:42, "Beppu Onsen Hoyoland" at 1:45, and "Yufuin Tsukanoma" at 1:58.

What Kind of Place is Beppu Onsen?

Image of Shinfuro, Oita Prefecture
Photo:Shinfuro, Oita Prefecture

Beppu Onsen Resort in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, known as a hot spring city, is an area where hot springs originate from two volcanoes, Mt. Tsurumi (鶴見岳, tsurumidake) (1,375m above sea level) and Mt. Garan (伽藍岳, garandake) (also known as Mt. Io (not to be confused with Mt. Io in Hokkaido), 1,045m above sea level).
Oita Prefecture boasts the largest number of hot springs in Japan, and the name "Onsen Prefecture" is becoming more and more common.
The eight hot springs in the Beppu area of Oita Prefecture: Beppu Hot Spring, Hamawaki Hot Spring, Kankaiji Onsen, Horita Hot Spring, Myoban Yunosato Hot Spring, Kannawa Hot Spring, Shibaseki Onsen, and Kamegawa Onsen, are known as Beppu Hatto in Japanese (別府八湯, The Eight Springs of Beppu).

The Best Ways To Enjoy Your Time at Beppu Onsen

Image of Jigokumushi Cuisine, Oita Prefecture
Photo:Jigokumushi Cuisine, Oita Prefecture

At Jigokumushi Kobo in Kannawa Onsen, you can experience the traditional cooking method called "Jigokumushi Cuisine" (地獄蒸し料理).
Other popular gourmet foods in Beppu Onsen include toriten, Beppu Reimen (a type of cold soba noodles), and Beppu pudding.
High-class kappo cuisine is also available at inns and hotels in Beppu Onsen, so consider make reservations for an overnight stay.

Suginoi Palace's large open-air bath with a view is also available for day trips, so we recommend it to those looking for a more casual day visit.

Notable Sightseeing Destinations in the Oita Prefecture Area

Image of Kijima Kogen Park
Photo:Kijima Kogen Park

If you're planning a trip to Oita Prefecture, you'll want to stop by Yufuin Onsen as well as Beppu Onsen, where you can tour the hot springs of Hell!

We also recommend sightseeing spots such as Beppu Rakutenchi, Beppu Ropeway, Kijima Kogen Park, Oita Fragrance Museum, Beppu B-con Plaza, the Beppu City Art Museum, African Safari (Kyushu Zoological Park African Safari), Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden, Harmony Land, and Oita Marine Palace Umitamago.

Summary of Oita, the Hot Spring Prefecture

Image of steam from Beppu Onsen's hot springs
Photo:Steam from Beppu Onsen's hot springs

The hot springs of Oita shown in the video make up a popular hot spring resort that always ranks high on Japan's hot spring rankings.

If you're looking to spend some time relaxing in one of the best hot spring resorts in Japan, be sure to check out Beppu Onsen!
There are many hotels and inns at Beppu Onsen, so we recommend checking transportation access before visiting.

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This Promotional Video for Oita, the Hot Spring Prefecture, Shows a Synchronized Swimming Team Performing Artistic Swimming in a Hot Spring! A Look at the Popular Hot Spring Destination!
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