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This video, titled "Until That Day, Let's Do Our Best Together" (その日まで、ともにがんばろう), was released by "Until That Day, Let's Work Together [JR Kyushu]" (その日まで、ともにがんばろう【JR九州】).

The video was created by JR Kyushu to support the fight against corona.
The novel corona virus (Covid-19) that is sweeping the world today shows no sign of abating in Japan either, and we are forced to live in fear and threat of the virus every day.
However, human beings have survived many epidemics in the past.
Although the number of cases of new coronaviruses is increasing day by day, the number of critical condition patients and deaths in Japan is very low compared to the rest of the world, so let's do our best to believe that we can return to a safe and secure life again in the near future, as shown in this video.

Everyone in Kyushu Prays for the End of Corona. Cheer up and Wait for That Day With a Smile!
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