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Video Introduction: Sand Baths at the Popular Ibusuki Hot Spring Resort in Kagoshima Prefecture

This video "Ibusuki city sand bath hot spring" (指宿の砂むし温泉, ibusukinosunamushionsen) was created by Don Don Kagoshima Channel and introduces the sand baths at Ibusuki Hot Spring resort which is located in the eastern part of Ibusuki city, Kagoshima prefecture.

Normally, when visiting a hot spring one bathes in the hot water, however as shown in this video at a sand bath you are instead buried in the warm sand.
Many popular hotels and luxury ryokan are situated around the Ibusuki Hot Spring area and several are also equipped with their own private outdoor hot springs called "rotenburo". The sand bath area which faces the sea offers picturesque views which attracts tourists year after year.

More About the Ibusuki Sand Baths Introduced in the Video

Image of Sand steam baths
Photo:Sand steam baths

Sand baths such as those featured in the video taken at the Fushimi coast (伏見海岸, fushimikaigan) have been around for over 300 years in Japan and are a famous type of hot spring.
According to Professor Tanaka, a medical professor at Kagoshima University, bathing in the sand baths can increase your heart rate, increase the rate of waste product emission from the body and improve oxygen consumption which can help you feel refreshed.
If you are interested in experiencing an Ibusuki sand bath, we highly recommend visiting Sayuri (砂湯里), Tamatebako Onsen (たまて箱温泉), Hakusuikan (白水館) or Saraku (砂楽).

Other hot springs such as Ginsho (吟松) and Shusuien (秀水園) are also located in Kagoshima prefecture.
There are many reasonable price plans for those wish to visit the hot springs on a day trip.

How to Take a Sand Bath

Image of Sand steam baths
Photo:Sand steam baths

As you can see from 0:51 in the video, after changing into a yukata and wrapping a towel around your head you are then buried in the warm sand at the beach.
The sand is fairly hot at around 50 to 55℃ so in as little as 5 to 10 minutes you will be drenched in sweat.
After taking the sand bath, make sure to thoroughly wash off any sand and then take a dip in a regular hot spring to refresh.
It is perfectly acceptable for women to take a sand bath without removing their make up and children can enjoy the sand baths too!

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Sand Bath at Ibusuki Hot Spring?

Image of The effects of hot springs
Photo:The effects of hot springs

Ibusuki sand baths, which are also called Japanese saunas, have many health benefits for the human body because of the sodium chloride springs.
These include relief from nerve pain, rheumatoid arthitis, lower back pain, stuff shoulders, knee joint pain, improvement of symptoms from stroke induced paralysis, bone fractures, sensitivity to cold, menopause, stiff joints, asthma, eczema, diabetes, menstrual cramps, infertility, anemia, constipation and also obesity.
On top of all the health benefits, sand baths are also thought to be great for the skin and can be used as a beauty treatment.

Ibusuki Hot Spring Sand Bath Video Summary

Another hot spring which is gaining popularity is Kirishima Hot Spring in Kagoshima prefecture.
If you are planning an overnight stay, make sure to enjoy not only the hot springs but also the delicious seafood dishes on offer.
We highly recommend checking business hours and access information online prior to booking your stay at Ibusuki Hot Spring.

Sand baths at Ibusuki Hot Spring are gaining popularity not only with Japanese tourists but also tourist visiting from abroad.
It is definitely an experience worth trying!

【Official Website】Healthy Land | Rotenburo/Outdoor hot spring "Tamatebako Onsen", Sand bath "Sayuri", Restaurant "Chinetsu no Sato" (地熱の里)

【Tripadvisor】Tamatebako Onsen

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The City of Ibusuki in Kagoshima Prefecture Is Famous for Its Unique and Relaxing Sand Baths! Ibusuki Onsen, a Place With More Than 300 Years of History, Is the Perfect Spot To Refresh Both Your Body and Mind!
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