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Must-Have Equipment for Beginner Campers

Japan's camping boom has brought interest in camping to a previously uninterested segment of Japanese society. However, beginner-level campers should start by asking themselves what they need to prepare for camping. In this article, we'll go over things to prepare for camping.

Video Introduction

This video, titled "[10 Must-Have Pieces of Camping Equipment] A Shopping List for Beginner Campers" (【最低限のキャンプ道具10種類】買い揃えるための初心者用リスト作りました), was uploaded by "From this place."
In this video, beginner outdoorsmen can learn about 10 essential pieces of equipment for camping.

A List of Camping Gear for Beginner Outdoorsmen

Image of a tent at a campground
Photo:A tent at a campground

With Japan's recent boom in outdoor activities, camping has become increasingly popular. However, beginners often aren't sure of what kind of camping gear to bring with them. Making a list of things to get together for various styles of camping, including family, couple, and solo camping, is great place to get started.
After picking out what you need, you can figure out your budget by calculating the cost of each item.
The video introduces 10 different pieces of equipment by dividing the equipment into three categories: importance, lifestyle, and accommodation. It's great for beginner campers, so be sure to use it as a reference for choosing camping equipment.

7 Recommended Pieces of Camping Equipment for Beginners [Lifestyle]

Image of a tarp
Photo:A tarp

Let's start with the equipment you'll need for day camping, etc.

When it's hot out, if there's no shade, there's always a risk of heat stroke. A tarp provides shelter from the sun, shelter from rain, and also serves to block the sun. Various types are available, but we recommend that you choose a product with many rope holes. The more holes in the rope, the easier it is to adjust the tarp for easier use.
[Video] 0:33 - Tarps

Next up is a table. The table you choose will depend on how much cooking you'll be doing when camping. If you'll be chopping ingredients, a wider table is recommended. If the table has a net underneath, you can conveniently place necessary items on the net while cooking for easy access.
[Video] 1:03 - Table

Image of a woman enjoying solo camping
Photo:A woman enjoying solo camping

Chairs like the ones they sell at home improvement stores across Japan can be bulky and are often not very durable. The video recommends Pachinox, which is lightweight and inexpensive.
[Video] 1:33 - Camping chairs

・Single burners
Barbecue is a popular way of cooking when camping. Many people associate BBQ with cooking with charcoal or firewood, but these methods can be time-consuming and require a lot of cleaning up afterwards. In Japan, there are two types of gas cans: CB cans and OD cans. If you're a beginner-level camper, consider trying some simple camping meals using a single burner with CB cans, as they're easy to use and obtain.
[Video] 1:52 - Single burners

・Wind Screens
Wind can often be a problem when cooking at camp. Windscreens can reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare a meal, so you can spend less time cooking and more time enjoying some delicious food.
[Video] 2:28 - Windscreens

If you buy frying pans and other cooking equipment over time, they'll often be shaped differently and can be difficult to store. We recommend that you start with a cooker set. When you have more opportunities to camp and want to try more elaborate camping meals, you can buy Dutch ovens or other cooking equipment.
[Video] 2:44 - Cookers

Lanterns and other lighting fixtures can vary significantly in price depending on whether they're fueled by gas or liquid fuel. For beginners, lights from one of Japan's 100-yen shops are a great place to start.
[Video] 3:20 - Lights

3 Recommended Pieces of Camping Equipment for Beginners [Accommodation]

We have looked at lifestyle equipment, but what kind of camping equipment do you need for overnight stays? Let's take a look.

The most important piece of equipment for overnight stays is the tent. Some tents can take beginners a long time to set up and take down. For beginners or those just looking for shelter and a place to drop their sleeping bag for the night, a simple one-pole tent can get the job done. If the inner tent is mesh or some other type of fabric that allows airflow, it can also keep insects out, which is convenient. Furthermore, if the tent has an entrance-like area, you can store your shoes in it.
[Video] 3:51 - Tents

Bedding is important for reducing fatigue so you don't feel tired the next day. Using an air mattress and sleeping on an elevated surface will make sleeping more comfortable and prevent inadequate sleep. If you have a cot, you can place it directly on the ground. Sleeping is an important aspect of camping. Be sure to prepare a sleeping area that suits you best.
[Video] 4:47 - Bedding

・Sleeping Bag
Nighttime can be colder than you might think when camping. You can use a down sleeping bag in winter and a synthetic fiber sleeping bag at other times of the year, but it's safer to use a sleeping bag that can withstand as low a temperature as possible. Be sure to check what temperatures your sleeping bag can handle when purchasing one.
[Video] 5:33 - Sleeping bags

The Cost of a Complete Set of Camping Equipment

If you purchase the 10 products introduced in this article via major mail-order sites in Japan, it can all be purchased for around 50,000 yen. The selection criteria for this equipment is such that the items were chosen so that they would last as long as possible without the need be replaced, so it's a bit more expensive than other lists perhaps. Be sure to use this video/article as a reference when buying camping equipment.
[Video] 6:00 - The cost of these 10 pieces of camping equipment


In this article, we introduced 10 pieces of camping equipment that beginner campers should have. More and more people are getting into camping and cooking outdoors. If you're a beginner and not quite sure what to buy, consider renting first. Then you can purchase the gear you need if you decide you want to continue camping. Don't be afraid to get started, take the plunge and make your camping debut!

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10 Camping Essentials for Beginner Campers! Camping Gear Recommended by a Veteran Camper and Their Costs!
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