The Best Cooker for Making Delicious Camping Food

Camping is becoming extremely popular in Japan. It's also attracting attention from people who have never camped before. One of the pleasures of camping is eating delicious food in the outdoors. Unfortunately, it can be surprisingly expensive to prepare cooking equipment from scratch. In this article, we'll introduce practical cookware that can be purchased for less than 10,000 yen.

Video Introduction

This video, titled "[Under 10,000 yen] 10 Pieces of Camping Equipment: Cookware Ver., 2020 Edition" (【1万円以下】おすすめキャンプ道具10選 調理器具編2020年版), was uploaded by "Camp Lab" (キャンプ研究所).
The channel uploads a variety of videos for beginners and intermediate campers.

10 Pieces of Useful Camping Cookware for Under 10,000 Yen

Image of a family camping
Photo:A family camping

Many people in Japan have gotten hooked on camping after watching the hit anime Laid-Back Camp. Camping equipment differs from ordinary daily necessities in that it's used outdoors. In particular, safety, price, and the feel of cookware are incredibly important when camping.
Many family campers travel to campsites via car, but they still hesitate to purchase bulky and expensive camping utensils.
This video introduces 10 pieces of camping cookware that all cost less than 10,000 yen (nly one item exceeds 10,000 yen).
The video also explains why each piece of cookware is good for camping.

The First Step in Making Delicious Camp Meals Is to Choose the Right Cookware

Image of cooking while camping
Photo:Cooking while camping

Camping offers an extraordinary experience by putting you in a slightly less convenient environment in the great outdoors.
Eating is a major part of the fun of camping. Camping cookware is designed to be easy to use and carry outdoors, with various innovations and functionality in mind.
Putting a bit of thought into your cookware can help you enjoy camping as a leisure activity.
Hopefully with this video/article you can find some cookware that meets your needs. And with that out of the way, let's introduce the camping cookware shown in the video.

10 Cookware Recommendations From an Advanced Camper

Image of a single burner
Photo:A single burner

The person behind Camping Laboratory, the channel introducing the cookware in the video, is an advanced camper and camping influencer in Japan. As such, his selection criteria is quite strict, making this video great for both beginners and experienced campers alike. Be sure to take a look at it to see all of the different camping cookware introduced.

・SOTO ST-310 Single Burner Set
Compact but offers high firepower, and works great as a gas burner for BBQ or use with grills! It's also compatible with CB cans which is a nice touch. This is a highly recommended piece of equipment for beginners it doesn't require you build a fire to start cooking.
[Video] 1:38 - SOTO ST-310 Single Burner Set

・Cooker Stand
When using the above gas burner, a cooker stand can be placed over the top of it to stabilize large pots and pans. It can also be folded for easy storage!
[Video] 2:17 - Cooker Stand

・SOTO Stainless Steel Dutch Oven
A thick stainless steel Dutch oven. This is the one item on this list that exceeds 10,000 yen. (Price quotes are around ¥20,000 for a 10-inch oven)
Compared to cast iron cookware, it can be scrubbed with detergent and naturally dried, making it easy to maintain. Because of this it's recommended for outdoor beginners. A Dutch oven can also be used as a smoker!
[Video] 3:39 - SOTO Stainless Steel Dutch Oven

・Uniflame Camping Cauldron
If you're looking to cook tasty white rice in style, this is the cooker for you. The shape of the pot is very attractive.
[Video] 7:15 - Uniflame Camping Cauldron

Image of a hot sandwich
Photo:A hot sandwich

・Coleman Hot Sandwich Cooker
It comes with a set of handles and a case, making it easy to store and inexpensive. The cooker creates a nice branding on the bread and sandwiches can be easily eaten after cooking thanks to being cut in half.
[Video] 8:12 - Coleman Hot Sandwich Cooker

・Lodge Skillet
Very popular as a stylish frying pan in restaurants and as a household item. It's a versatile piece of cookware for outdoor cooking. Meat (or fish) and vegetables can be grilled together and served directly, using the skillet as a plate. The thick material retains heat and can be used for cooking over an open flame. It can be used to cook some delicious meats.
[Video] 9:36 - Lodge Skillet

・Coleman Fireplace Kettle
Although kettles are sold at Daiso and other 100-yen shops in Japan these days, you'll still want to use a specialized camping kettle for camping meals. This kettle is a good choice for those who are just getting into camping, as it offers both an affordable price and stylish appearance.
[Video] 11:58 - Coleman Fireplace Kettle

・Snow Peak Cooker - Trek 900
A lightweight cooker made of aluminum. This is a versatile piece of camping cookware that can be used as a pot for stew, a mess tin, a percolator, and a Sierra cup all in one, making it a useful piece for solo campers. It's lighter than a stainless-steel percolators as well.
[Video] 12:11 - Snow Peak Cooker - Trek 900

・Coffee Mill
A must for those who want to grind coffee beans and for a fresh cup of coffee. Although slightly difficult to use at first, it's reasonably priced and nothing beats freshly ground coffee.
[Video] 12:52 - Coffee Mill

・Barbecue Skewers
This is not a piece of cookware, but rather a utensil for enjoying camping. It can be used by children as well, as they enjoy roasting marshmallows or other tasty snack on the skewer and roast it over the fire.
[Video] 14:17 - Barbecue Skewers


The equipment you'll need will depend on what kind of cooking you want to do when camping. Having information from advanced campers who can explain the cooking utensils that they have actually used and enjoyed, along with the reasons why they were selected, is incredibly helpful if you're a beginner-level camper. Be sure to check out the video to see the different pieces of cookware.
Enjoy cooking in the great outdoors and happy camping!

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10 Pieces of Camping Cookware All Under 10,000 Yen! Practical and Cost-Effective Cookers! Everything You Need to Get Cooking!
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