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Coleman Tents - Popular Even in Japan

Due in part to the corona pandemic, camping is booming in Japan, particularly family camping. For those looking to buy a family tent, check out this list made by an advanced camper that introduces the Coleman tents he recommends. Let's get into it!

Introducing Coleman's 5 Best Family Tents via Video

This video, titled "Announcing the 5 Best Coleman Family Tents and Why" (発表します。これがコールマン オススメ ファミリーテント ベスト5の理由です。), was uploaded by "Yoshi channel." As the name suggests, it introduces the top five family tents from Coleman, as recommended by a Japanese outdoor specialist.

These top 5 tents were determined by comparing functionality, ease-of-use, and cost-effectiveness. If you're thinking of purchasing a Coleman family tent, be sure to use this as a guide.

No. 5 "Coleman Weather Master Cocoon III" - Outstanding Functionality

This is a heavy tent with many poles and thick fabric. This is a top-of-the-line Coleman tent. It takes two people about 40 minutes to set up, which is rather long, but it's a family tent with excellent functionality and can be used in all four seasons.

The living room is larger than that of most Coleman family tents, so there's room for a cooler and shelves as well. In addition, two inner tents can be set up inside if you decide to purchase them (these are sold separately). The sleeping area is also spacious, with room for four sleeping bags, making it perfect for families! The many windows provide good ventilation as well.
[Video] 0:20 - Coleman Weather Master Cocoon III

No. 4 "Coleman Tunnel 2-Room House/LDX," - A Unique Tunnel Shape

The main feature of this tent is its four poles, which give it a tunnel-like shape when set up. The eaves allow for a spacious living room and prevent rain from entering the tent. It takes two people approximately 20 to 30 minutes to set up.

Setting this tent up is not that difficult, as all you have to do is stand it up after threading the poles through. The secret-base-like shape is quite unique. We recommend this tent to those looking for a family tent that is easy to set up. The video shows two sleeping bags setup inside the tent, but he mentions that you could probably fit a third sleeping bag in. There is a large window in the back and smaller windows on both sides.
[Video] 2:48 - Coleman Tunnel 2-Room House/LDX

No. 3 "Coleman Tough Wide Dome IV/300" - Cost-Effective and Easy to Set Up

Among these tents, this one is quite reasonably priced. This tent is recommended for beginners because it has few poles and is easy to set up. Although it seems smaller than the other tents introduced here, the presenter introduces it as No. 3 in terms of price, setup difficulty, and ease-of-use. The inner sleeping area is designed to be spacious. However, it does not have a living room, so it would be best to attach a hexa tarp to it. If you're looking for a 4-person tent that is cozy and easy to set up, consider checking it out.
[Video] 4:39 - Coleman Tough Wide Dome IV/300

No. 2 "Coleman Tough Screen 2 Room House" - Cost-Effective + Spacious

A popular Coleman classic. Spacious, yet reasonably priced! If you're looking to get the most bang for your buck, you should check out this family tent, perfect for 4 or 5 people to enjoy camping. It's also reasonably simple to set up and can be pitched by a single person.

The living room is wide horizontally, with plenty of room for a table and chairs. Both sides can be opened and can all be converted to mesh, so you can enjoy camping comfortably in both summer and winter. A skirt can also be attached to prevent wind from entering from below. The bedroom has enough space for a family of four to relax together.
[Video] 6:57 - Coleman Tough Screen 2 Room House/LDX

No. 1 "Coleman Tough Screen 2 Room House/LDX" - Cost Effective, Spacious, & Functional

The greatest feature of this tent is that it has a dark room, making the inner portion completely dark. By adding a roof, this tent is water-resistant and also highly sheltered from light. It's also slightly heavier due to the thickness of the fabric, but Yoshi mentions that the storage bags have been made slightly larger starting from the 2020 models, making it easier to put away.

The living room is quite spacious. The bedroom is large enough to fit four sleeping bags. It has seven windows, so ventilation and light can be controlled using these windows. You can even hang a lantern inside the tent. The tent costs just under 100,000 yen with all these features, which is a key point in evaluating it at No. 1.
The high light-shielding properties are great for those with small children who still need to take naps as well.
[Video] 9:05 - Coleman Tough Screen 2 Room House/LDX

Choosing a Tent That Fits Your Camping Style

When purchasing family tents and other outdoor goods, in addition to brand and price, durability, water resistance, and wind resistance are also important things to look out for.

Even if you find a tent that's reasonably priced tents are expensive compared to the rest of your camping equipment. When you find outdoor goods that you're interested in, one option is to first try renting a tent to see how it feels, and if you like it, consider purchasing it from there.

Don't forget to visit outdoor stores and ask the staff to clear up any questions you may have before making a purchase. Coleman releases more and more attractive family tents every year, so be sure to check out information on new products besides the ones listed here.

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Top 5 Coleman Family Tents! Cost-Effective and Easy-To-Use Tents!
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