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Introducing Kashimayari Snow Resort in Nagano Prefecture

This video, titled “鹿島槍スキー場公式PV HAKUBAVALLEY kashimayari snow resort” was uploaded by “KashimayariSV.”
It’s the official video for Kashimayari Snow Resort!

Hakuba, located in the Japanese Alps on the outskirts of Nagano City, is one of the most popular ski areas in Japan.
Kashimayari Snow Resort shown in the video is located in the easily accessible Hakuba area, and from the slopes you can see Mt. Kashimayari, Mt. Jiigatake, and other mountains located in the Northern Alps of Japan.

The ski resort is full of nature, with monkeys and Japanese serows also present in the area.
The slopes have plenty of high-quality snow, dynamic courses, and a park with rails and banks for snowboarding.
In addition, there are restaurants, outdoor baths, and lodging facilities at Kashimayari Snow Resort.

A Closer Look at Kashimayari Snow Resort!

Image of skiing

Kashimayari Snow Resort is located on the Kashimayari Kurosawa Plateau in Omachi, Nagano, and offers more than 10 different courses.
At 0:32 in the video, you can see the "Ippon Buna Downhill Course."
Near the end of the course is the Nakatsuna Freestyle Park, a snowboard park.
You can also enjoy a longer trail with the whopping 5,000-meter-long "Long Downhill Course." There is also the "Shimasaka Kids Park" for small children and a daycare center.

Alpine Inn Kashimayari is introduced at 0:59 of the video.
It has a restaurant where you can eat, "Gelespo," a store you can enjoy inside the ski resort, stores where you can buy local souvenirs, and an outdoor hot spring bath on the roof where you can relax and enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains.

In addition, directly-managed accommodations are available, including reasonably priced dormitories and group rooms for those traveling in groups.
There is also a special package deal that includes lodging at a nearby hotel and a lift ticket!
Visit with your family and enjoy the luxury of a relaxing soak in the hot springs after skiing the snowy mountains.

Sightseeing Information for Kashimayari Snow Resort

Image of Shinano-Omachi Station, Oito Line
Photo:Shinano-Omachi Station, Oito Line

To get to Kashimayari Snow Resort, besides driving to the resort, you can also take a train to Shinano-Omachi Station on the Oito Line and take the free shuttle bus with no reservations required.
There is also a free shuttle bus that runs from Matsumoto and Nagano if you purchase a lift ticket (reservation required).

The lifts are generally open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with night skiing also available.

In addition, ski and snowboard rentals and lift tickets can be reserved online.

Summary of Kashimayari Snow Resort

This video introduced all the charms of Kashimayari Snow Resort in Nagano Prefecture.
You might even run into Shimashika-kun, the local mascot, if you’re lucky!
If you're considering visiting Kashimayari Snow Resort and want to see the facilities, slopes, etc. that it has to offer, be sure to check out the video!

【Official Website】Kashimayari Sports Village (Kashimayari Snow Resort)

【TripAdvisor】Kashimayari Sports Village

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Enjoy Skiing and Snowboarding at Kashimayari Snow Resort in Nagano Prefecture! Powdery Slopes and a Plethora of Facilities!
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