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Togari Onsen Snow Resort

This video, titled "Togari Onsen Snow Resort Promotional Video" (戸狩温泉スキー場プロモーションムービー), was uploaded by "戸狩温泉スキー場 Togari Onsen Snow Resort."

It is a major winter leisure park where anyone, from beginners to advanced skiers, children to seniors, can enjoy themselves while enjoying the spectacular view of the Chikuma River below from the slopes.
The video shows skiers and snowboarders racing down the three major slopes, "Pegasus," "Orion," and "Tondaira."

Snow Strider Park - Enjoy Snow Biking at Togari Onsen Snow Resort!

Image of a snow bicycle
Photo:Snow bicycle

Togari Onsen Snow Resort has a special slope called "Snow Strider Park" for snow bikes, which has become a popular winter activity in recent years.
It's a new activity where you ride a fat bike downhill on a special 800-meter-long slope.
While appreciating the spectacular view from above, you can enjoy an exciting bike ride on the wave, bank, and tree run courses.
You can see and awesome view the snow bikes racing down the slopes at 0:38 and 2:10 in the video.

It's said that snow bikes originated from snowy countries.
During the cold winter months, the surface of the snow becomes so hard that it's possible to walk freely across it.
The snow bike was made to ride on the hardened snow surface, and the bike further evolved into the fat bike, which can be rode on even soft powdery snow.
Fat bikes are also available for rental, and you can take a lift up to the top of the slope, making them easy to enjoy.

Toga Park, the Highlight of Togari Onsen Snow Resort – Kickers, Banks, and Boxes!

Image of snowboarding

One of the highlights Togari Onsen Snow Resort is Toga Park, a permanent course with kickers, banks, waves, and boxes that have been specifically designed for beginners and intermediate skiers and snowboarders.
It’s a full-scale banked course that is even used in international competitions!
At any time during the season, you can experience a powerful run on the 3D course that takes advantage of the natural terrain.

Togari Onsen Snow Resort also has a permanent snowboard school and ski school taught by former professional snowboarders and skiers.
The school is open to beginners as well as intermediate and advanced skiers who want to improve their skills.

Delicious Food and Relaxing Hot Springs at Toga

When it comes to food at ski resort restaurants in Japan, many people think of the ramen and curry shown at 1:40 in the video!
But if you've come to the foothills of the Kanda Mountain Range, spanning from Nagano to Niigata, we recommend taking advantage of the natural hot spring water and delicious local cuisine.

Togari Onsen Snow Resort has two open-air hot spring baths, "Akatsuki-no-yu" and "Nozomi-no-yu," both of which are 100% free-flowing hot springs.
The quality of the spring water is slightly alkaline, which is good for the skin, and is effective at relieving fatigue, and fighting neuralgia, and joint pain, making them ideal for relaxing after an exhilarating day of skiing or snowboarding!
Please note, however, that Nozomi-no-yu is only open during the ski season.
You can see the hot springs from 2:28 in the video.

Furthermore, both Niigata and Nagano prefectures are treasure troves of food! We recommend sampling the delicious local cuisine and resting up in the hot springs.
There are also stylish café bars near the slopes and restaurants in the rest areas, with French toast being a popular menu item.

The Extensive Facilities at Togari Onsen Snow Resort

Togari Onsen Snow Resort is a ski resort with a wide variety of courses, as the slopes leading to the two hot spring towns are connected via Tondaira Slope above.
The total length of the slopes is 2,500 meters, making it a long course to enjoy.
The largest slope is the Pegasus Slope located at Akatsuki-no-yu, and the central Gohon-matsu, Mimizuku, and Imoha courses can be accessed via the "Beetle 4" (1,037m) high-speed lift.

There is also a children's slope and a kids' park for children, so families with small children can enjoy skiing and snowboarding without worry.
During the winter season you can enjoy events, such as Igloo Hotel, the Togari Snow and Light Festival, and fireworks.

Summary of Togari Onsen Snow Resort

Image of JR Iiyama Station, Nagano Prefecture
Photo:JR Iiyama Station, Nagano Prefecture

To get to Togari Onsen Snow Resort in Iiyama City in northern Nagano Prefecture, take the Hokuriku Shinkansen from Iiyama Station to Togari Nozawa Onsen Station via the local line.
If you're driving your own car, it's about 25 minutes from the Toyota/Iiyama IC on the Joetsu Expressway.
There is a free daytime parking lot inside the facility as well.
Be sure check Togari Onsen Snow Resort's official website for information on snow accumulation via live camera, accommodations, night skiing, lift ticket sales, and slope maps.

You can find reviews and tour information from people who have actually visited Togari Onsen Snow Resort on various review sites as well, so be sure to take a look at them as well.
Enjoy exciting winter activities at Togari Onsen Snow Resort!

【Official Website】Togari Onsen Snow Resort, Nagano, Winter

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