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This video, titled "Sado Daira Ski Field PV" (佐渡市平スキー場PV), was released by "Sado Daira" (佐渡平).

Sado City, a remote island in Niigata Prefecture, has two ski resorts, Sado Daira Ski Field and Wonder Valley Sado.
Sado Daira Ski Field is compact, but it is an enjoyable ski resort where you can ski without getting bored.
At an elevation of 400 meters, there are three lifts at the mountain, and you can enjoy skiing on 6 different courses.
Sleighs and snow toys are available for rent as well, making it a great place for families to visit.

If you're planning a trip to the Sado area, a popular tourist destination in Niigata Prefecture, be sure to try out the snow activities at Sado Daira Ski Field!

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Feb. 19, 2021
有田 和義(Kazuyoshi Arita)
Make Unforgettable Memories at the Sado Daira Ski Field on Sado Island in Niigata Prefecture!
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