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Asakusa Hanayashiki - A Popular Retro Amusement Park!

This video, titled "Asakusa Hanayashiki – Local Information Video Site|Machi Log" (浅草花やしき - 地域情報動画サイト 街ログ), was uploaded by "machilogmovie."
The amusement park "Asakusa Hanayashiki" in Asakusa, Taito, introduced in the video, is the oldest amusement park in Japan.
The park is located next to the west side of Sensoji Temple, the symbol of Asakusa, so you can enjoy thrilling rides and other attractions in the heart of the city.

Asakusa Hanayashiki is a very popular amusement park for both children and adults, where you can enjoy sightseeing and attractions in the Asakusa area.
In this video, Yuka Hasegawa of the Hanayashiki Actors shows us the charm of Asakusa Hanayashiki.

The History of Asakusa Hanayashiki

Image of Asakusa・Hanayashiki

Asakusa Hanayashiki opened more than 170 years ago in 1853.
Surprisingly, this is around the same time as when the Black Ships (1843) came to Japan in the Edo period (1603 to 1868).
At first it was a botanical garden, but it gradually expanded in scale and added a zoo, the Asakusa Flower Theater, and other attractions, making it a very popular amusement park that attracted many visitors and was very crowded at its peak.

During the Pacific War, the park was forced to temporarily close its doors, sending all of the animals in the park to Sendai.
In 1947, it reopened as an amusement park.
After the reopening, the park reopened with its current style of ride attractions, including Japan's oldest roller coaster, which can be seen at 0:59 in the video, and Bee Tower, the symbolic tower of Asakusa Hanayashiki, which can be seen at 0:19 in the video.

For the longest time, the park did not charge an admission fee, but with the 1985 revision of the Entertainment Establishments Law, they began charging an admission fee.

Rides at Asakusa Hanayashiki

The jet coaster, said to be Japan's oldest roller coaster, is one of Asakusa Hanayashiki's signature thrill rides.
The other rides other than the roller coaster used to be more of a heartwarming experience, but today Asakusa Hanayashiki has become an amusement park with a full range of thrilling rides that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Below are the list of rides.
Roller Coaster (0:59)
Bee Tower (0:19)
Disk’O (1:17)
Space Shot (1:26)
Sky Ship (1:34)
Carousel (2:10)
Ferris Wheel
Haunted House
BBQ Garden
Seasonal Events: More than 20 seasonal events are held throughout the year, such as "The Young Ace Detective" and "Lumiyashiki," a countdown illumination event that is great for taking pictures.

Summary of Asakusa Hanayashiki

Image of Asakusa・Hanayashiki-dori

Asakusa Hanayashiki is recommended as a date spot for couples, and is also a great place for parents and children.
Asakusa Hanayashiki is a compact amusement park, so after enjoying the park, you can go shopping or hang out in the tourist area of Asakusa.

It's only a 10-minute walk from Toei Subway or Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station, and a 2-minute walk from Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station, so it's really easy to get to!
For more information on admission fees and opening hours, please visit the official website of Asakusa Hanayashiki.
Discounts are available for children, seniors and those with disabilities.
There is no parking lot at the park, so please use the nearby coin-operated parking lot if you are coming by car.
Enjoy a retro atmosphere in the middle of Tokyo!

【Address】2-28-1 Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo 111-0032
【Access】10 minute walk from Toei and Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station and 2 minute walk from Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station
【Admission fee】1,000 yen for adult and 500 yen for child
【Hours】10 am to 6 pm (varies by season and weather)
【Telephone No】03-3842-8780


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Asakusa Hanayashiki, Japan's Oldest Amusement Park, Has an Awesome Retro Showa-Era Atmosphere! Experience a Nostalgic Japan at the Popular Amusement Park in the Heart of Taito City, Tokyo!
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