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Introducing "Moomin Valley Park"!

Moomin Valley Park, an amusement park with a good reputation on travel and tourism websites alike, is located in the suburban leisure facility "Metsa" in Hanno City (飯能市, Hanno shi), Saitama Prefecture, in Japan's Kanto Region. "Moomin Valley Park PV" is the official video of Moomin Valley Park

As you can see from 0:08 in the video, by passing through the welcome gate of Moomin Valley Park you'll find yourself looking at a superb view of Scandinavia!
You can enjoy an extraordinary day by taking a walk or sightseeing throughout the park.
Moomin Valley Park and Metsa Village in "Metsa" are also pet friendly!

Although the video is short (less than 2 minutes), it is packed full of the charm that Moomin Valley Park has to offer.
By watching the video, you'll be lost in the world of "Moomin"!

So what exactly is Moomin, and what are the recommended sightseeing attractions of Moomin Valley Park?

"Moomin" is a collective term for novels, picture books, manga, and anime in the fairy tale "Moomin Series" by the Finnish writer Tove Jansson.
Moomin looks like a hippopotamus, but is actually a troll (a type of fairy in Scandinavian lore. Not the big scary ones like in Harry Potter).
The earliest Japanese translation of Moomin's novel was "Moominland Midwinter" published by Kodansha in 1964, and was later came to be loved by many people in Japan. Even celebrated through various genres such as manga and TV animation.
There is also "Moomin World" where you can experience the world of Moomin in Finland, and it is so popular that they offer tours for just the park.

The Moomin Valley Park, which was opened in 2019 around Lake Miyazawa in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture, introduced in this video, is also a theme park where you can try a variety of different experiences that feel just like being in the real park in Finland! "POUKAMA", introduced at 0:18 in the video, is an incredible spot where you can meet Moomin's friends as well as the HATTIFATTENERS.

YKSINÄISET VUORET, introduced at 0:47 in the video, is perfect for families who want to frolic in nature, enjoy something athletic, or climb around in tree houses. Take a tour of Moominpapa's bathing hut, Uimahuone, a lighthouse by the lake (Majakka), and Snufkin's tent.

MUUMILAAKSO (Moomin Valley area), introduced from 1:04 in the video, is an area containing "Emma Teatteri" or the "Emma Theatre", The Orchestra of the Sea (Merenhuiske), and a photo studio called “Muikku foto” where you can take pictures with all the different characters.

The Moomin residence where Moomins live is also a symbol of Moomin Valley Park. There is even a guided tour, where the staff introduce the Moomin residence using stories and episodes from Moomin.
We also get a glimpse into the world of Moomin through the "Nature of Moomin Valley".

The Experience of "Moomin Valley Park"!

"KOKEMUS" introduced from 1:23 in the video means "experience" in Finnish.
You can have a fun time at the interactive exhibition facility decorated with Moomin and Snufkin objects.
Also, be sure to stop be the Little Miino Play Spot theatre attraction.
You'll surely be drawn into the world of Moomin by Pikku Myyn leikkipaikka.

Events and workshops are also held in the park, so we definitely recommend participating for a full Moomin experience. Illumination events and projection mapping are also gaining popularity in the park.
After sightseeing, if you feel like buying souvenirs such as mugs or other limited time merchandise, be sure to stop by Muumilaakso kauppa. By sending it through the Posti post box next to the shop you'll receive an original design Moomin Valley Park stamp.

You can also have lunch at the cafe restaurant "Lettula" where you can enjoy a meal centered on Moomin Mama's specialty pancake, which can be seen at 0:32 in the video.
If the weather is nice, they also have terrace seating available, so you can take a break while immersing yourself in the world of Moomin.
There's also a restaurant in the Moomin Valley (Muumilaakso ruokala)!

Moomin Valley Park Sightseeing Video Summary

In less than two minutes of video, we see plenty of attractions that Moomin Valley Park, a new tourist attraction in Saitama Prefecture, has to offer.
If you want to be sure to get your fill of sightseeing, we recommend that you book a trip and stay at Hotel Marroad Chain or the Rembrandt Group Hotel, a Moomin Valley Park official hotel.

Be sure to visit Moomin Valley Park, where you can enjoy the world of Moomin! On weekends and holidays, it's a good idea to check if the park is busy before going out.

◆Moomin Valley Park Facility Overview◆
【Address】 357-3-0001 Miyazawa, Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture
【Access】 13 minutes by bus from Hanno Station on the JR Hachiko Line or Hanno Station on Seibu Ikebukuro Line
【Operating Hours】From 10:00 to 20:00
【Closed Days】Irregular holidays
【Parking】Available. Free on weekdays, up to 1500 yen on weekends and holidays
【Telephone No】0570-001-630
【Entrance fee】Adults (junior high school students and older) 1500 yen, Children (4 years and older) 1000 yen (* as of January 2020)

【Official Website】Moomin Valley Park Metsa Village | metsa

【Official Website】Official Hotel Marroad Chain

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