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Iya, Tokushima: Video Introduction

This video, titled "One of the Top Three Unexplored Regions of Japan: Iya Valley and Kazurabashi Bridge: A Hidden Scenic Place in Tokushima (Tokushima, Japan)" (【日本三大秘境】祖谷の秘境とかずら橋 : A Hidden Scenic Place in Tokushima(Tokushima, Japan)), was uploaded by "Anna Film Production."

Kazurabashi Bridge in Tokushima, Japan

Image of Kazurabashi Bridge, Tokushima Prefecture
Photo:Kazurabashi Bridge, Tokushima Prefecture

Kazurabashi Bridge is a suspension bridge that has been designated as an Important Cultural Property by the Japanese government and is located in Miyoshi, Tokushima, in Japan's Shikoku Region. There is also a Kazurabashi Bridge in Fukui Prefecture, but this article will focus on the bridge in Tokushima Prefecture.
There are various theories about the history of Kazurabashi Bridge, such as that it was built the famous Buddhist monk Kukai (Kobo Daishi) for villagers in need, or that it was built by Heike warriors to allow them to escape from their pursuers and easily cut down the bridge.
The bridge is approximately 2 meters wide and 45 meters long, and is made of vines from the hardy kiwi.

When crossing the bridge, visitors can clearly see the scenery below through the gaps beneath their feet, making it a thrilling experience! This is a popular spot for both Japanese tourists, as well as foreign tourists. If you're looking to take some picturesque photos for Instagram, we recommend visiting during the illumination.
[Video] 4:40 - Kazurabashi Bridge

Another Vine Bridge in Tokushima

Image of Oku-Iya Double Vine Bridge, Miyoshi, Tokushima
Photo:Oku-Iya Double Vine Bridge, Miyoshi, Tokushima

In Miyoshi, Tokushima, there is actually one more vine bridge to be found. This is Oku-Iya Double Vine Bridge. There are two bridges, a male bridge, and a female bridge, and together they are called "Meoto-bashi" (wedded bridges). There is also a bridge (gondola) called Yaen, which can be crossed by pulling a rope, but as of June 2022, it is out of service due to a malfunction.
[Video] 12:44 - Oku-Iya Double Vine Bridge

Ochiai Village – A Nationally Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings

Image of Ochiai Village, Iya, Tokushima
Photo:Ochiai Village, Iya, Tokushima

Ochiai Village is situated on a steep slope. The village retains a historic original Japanese landscape with houses built from the mid-Edo period to the early Showa period and stacked stone walls. In 2005, it was registered as a Nationally Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings.
In the video, you can see thatch-roofed houses and views of houses dotting the hillside.
[Video] 0:16 - Ochiai Village

The Beautiful Biwa Falls and a Village of Scarecrows

Image of Kakashi no Sato, Tokushima Prefecture
Photo:Kakashi no Sato, Tokushima Prefecture

Iya in Tokushima Prefecture is also known for its beautiful valleys. The 40-meter-tall Biwa Falls, named after a fallen Heike warrior who played the biwa at the falls in memory of the capital of Kyoto, is a relaxing waterfall where visitors bask in the abundant negative ions. Visitors can also enjoy a walk through the verdant Iya Valley to experience the pristine nature of the area.
[Video] 7:29 - Biwa Falls

Kakashi no Sato (lit. 'Scarecrow Village') is a name derived from the fact that many scarecrows can be seen in the Iya region. You can even see some of the expressive scarecrows in the video. It's a famous sightseeing spot in Tokushima and is also known as Ningyo-mura (doll village).
[Video] 8:13 - A Village in the Sky, Kakashi no Sato

Accommodations and Dining in the Iya Region of Tokushima, Japan

If you are planning to stay in Iya, Tokushima, a recommended hotel is Hotel Kazurabashi. There are many hot spring resorts in Tokushima Prefecture, but this one offers open-air baths in the sky, accessed via cable car, so you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Iya Valley with some great views. We also recommend Hanbee no Ie (半兵衛の), a rest area/restaurant where visitors can relax around a sunken hearth. For meals, you can enjoy local dishes, such as grilled river fish, grilled fish coated with miso, wild vegetables, and other local delicacies.

Forest Adventure Iya Valley: Experience the Great Outdoors in Tokushima, Japan

Forest Adventure Iya Valley is an outdoor park that opened in 2017. The establishment offers exciting activities in the great outdoors! It features a long zipline, which makes you feel as though you're flying through the sky, and is especially popular with children. It's recommended to wear comfortable clothing and bring a change of clothes as well.

Summary of Kazurabashi Bridge in Tokushima, Japan

Image of Kazurabashi Bridge, Iya, Tokushima
Photo:Kazurabashi Bridge, Iya, Tokushima

The Iya region of Tokushima, Japan offers historic Japanese scenery and abundant natural beauty. To reach Kazurabashi Bridge, it takes about one hour from the Ikawa-Ikeda Interchange (井川・池田IC) by car.
Iya, which retains its rustic scenery, presents a different beauty in each season, such as the autumn leaves in the fall.
If you visit Tokushima, Japan, consider expanding your plan to include the area around the Kazurabashi Bridge.

【Official Website】Kazurabashi Bridge in Iya (Designated as an Important Tangible Folk Cultural Property by the government of Japan)

【Tripadvisor】Kazurabashi Bridge in Iya, Tokushima

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