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Video Introduction of Yume no Tsuribashi in Sumata Gorge

This video, titled "Sumata Gorge|Yume no Tsuribashi with GoPro [4K]" (寸又峡 夢の吊り橋 with GoPro[4K]), was uploaded by "NOMAD LIFE." It introduces Yume no Tsuribashi, a famous tourist attraction in Shizuoka, Japan.

Yume no Tsuribashi - A Bucket List Destination in Shizuoka, Japan

Image of Sumata Gorge, Kawanehon, Shizuoka
Photo:Sumata Gorge, Kawanehon, Shizuoka

Located in Kawanehon, Shizuoka lies Yume no Tsuribashi (Dream Suspension Bridge), a suspension bridge that should be on anyone's bucket list. It is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Japan, and crossing the suspension bridge over the milky blue lake is truly an unforgettable experience.

Originally, Yume no Tsuribashi at Sumata Gorge was used as a path for villagers and lumberjacks to come and go. The forestry industry was thriving in the area around Sumata Gorge, and it's said that there were many villages in the area. Nowadays, it attracts attention not as a road for daily life but as a tourist attraction, and many people visit the area every year.

With a total length of 90 meters and a height of 8 meters, this suspension bridge is truly one of dreams! The deck, made of wooden planks, has many gaps and no side walls, making it a thrilling suspension bridge. Due to weight restrictions, only 10 people can cross the bridge at a time. Furthermore, during the tourist season, the bridge is restricted to one-way traffic. Check out the video below to see how the thrilling Yume no Tsuribashi is crossed.
[Video] 1:44 - Crossing Yume no Tsuribashi

Cherry Blossoms, Autumn Leaves, and Other Seasonal Attractions and Activities to Enjoy Near Yume no Tsuribashi

Image of Sumata Gorge, Kawanehon, Shizuoka
Photo:Sumata Gorge, Kawanehon, Shizuoka

The area around Yume no Tsuribashi is also popular as a spot to enjoy the seasons, including cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. If you take a steam locomotive from Sumata Gorge to the Oi River, you can see approximately 280 Someiyoshino cherry trees from late March to early April each year. In addition, from October to November, when the beautiful autumn colors are in season, visitors can enjoy viewing the autumn foliage from Yume no Tsuribashi in Sumata Gorge.

The area around Sumata Gorge is an area where one can enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest. Fishing and trekking, as well as campgrounds, make this a spot full of attractions for outdoors enthusiasts. Hiking and driving courses are well maintained and can be enjoyed by families, couples, and friends.

You can also buy cute souvenirs at the stylish retro café Seiko Udoku Village (晴耕雨読village), which offers a great view of Okuoikojo Station. You can also have a delicious lunch at café Uemaru or Suikoen.
One of the attractions of this area is that you can enjoy a one-day trip to Sumatakyo Onsen. The area is lined with popular inns, where you can enjoy local delicacies harvested from the surrounding mountains for dinner.

Things to Be Aware of When Visiting Yume no Tsuribashi

Sumata Gorge, Kawanehon, Shizuoka
Photo:Sumata Gorge, Kawanehon, Shizuoka

Yume no Tsuribashi in Sumata Gorge is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Japan. Many tourists visit from all over Japan to catch a glimpse of the fantastic atmosphere. However, there are a few things you should know in advance.

Because Yume no Tsuribashi is located deep in the mountains, entry is prohibited after sunset. Furthermore, the entire tour of the Sumata Gorge Promenade Course takes approximately 60 to 80 minutes, so visitors should allow plenty of time for this tour. In addition, be sure to wear appropriate clothing. The path to Yume no Tsuribashi has many steep slopes and stairs, and is made up of gravel. Therefore, it's recommended that you wear comfortable sneakers.

Yume no Tsuribashi is also a very popular spot for taking Instagram photos in Japan due to its fantastic scenery. However, the bridge can be somewhat wobbly, and some people accidentally drop their smartphones or cameras while getting absorbed in taking pictures. Such an accident can really kill the mood, so please be careful.

Besides that, it's recommended that visitors check the weather forecast in advance as roads may be closed on days when the weather is bad.
[Video] 2:24 - Steep stairs

Summary of Yume no Tsuribashi

Image of Sumata Gorge, Kawanehon, Shizuoka
Photo:Sumata Gorge, Kawanehon, Shizuoka

In this article we introduced Yume no Tsuribashi, a famous tourist attraction in Shizuoka's Sumata Gorge that should be on any bucket list. Visitors can enjoy the scenery of Japan's four seasons here, with cherry blossoms in spring, autumn leaves in fall, snow in winter, and beautiful greenery in the summer. It's a popular tourist attraction where you can really experience nature in Japan.

The view from Yume no Tsuribashi is truly spectacular! It attracts many visitors. There are inns, campgrounds, and hot springs in the vicinity as well, so be sure to enjoy it however you like.
To get to Yume no Tsuribashi, first take the Shimada Kanaya IC to the parking lot of Sumatakyo Onsen (about 90 minutes). From there, it's a 40-minute walk from the parking lot to Yume no Tsuribashi. Although it takes some time to get there, it usually passes quickly thanks to the beauty of the surrounding nature of Sumata Gorge. Be sure to check out the video to see the fantastical scenery of Yume no Tsuribashi!

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Yume no Tsuribashi - A Dreamlike Tourist Attraction in Shizuoka! Located at the Entrance to Japan's Southern Alps, This Is One to Throw on Your Bucket List!
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