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The Popular Saruhashi Bridge in Yamanashi Prefecture

This video, titled "Kai Saruhashi Bridge – Yamanashi" (Kai Saruhashi Bridge - Yamanashi - 甲斐の猿橋), introduces the beautiful scenery of Saruhashi Bridge in Yamanashi prefecture.
Saruhashi Bridge is a famous sightseeing spot in Otsuki city (大月市, ootsukishi), Yamanashi prefecture, in the Kanto region of Japan.

Together with Kintaikyou and Kiso no kakehashi, Saruhashi Bridge in Yamanashi prefecture is one of the three most unusual bridges in Japan and is nationally recognized as a scenic place of beauty.
Its beauty was even captured by the famous ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Hiroshige in the artwork "Koyosaruhashinozu" painted in the Edo period (1603-1868 AD).
In this video, you can see footage of Saruhashi Bridge at the beginning of fall, just as the leaves of the surrounding trees have begun to change color.

The Origins and Characteristics of Saruhashi Bridge

Image of Saruhashi Bridge
Photo:Saruhashi Bridge

Saruhashi Bridge is a 30 meters long, 3.3 meters wide, and 31 meters tall, and crosses a deep gorge in Otsuki city, Yamanashi.
As you can see from 0:43 in the video, the bridge has no piers and is instead supported by four pairs of cantilever beams called Hanegi, giving it a very unique design.

It is still unclear as to when this bridge was built; however, there is a legend in the local area that it was built by a gardener who saw monkeys supporting each other's bodies to build a bridge during the era of Emperor Suiko (~600 BC.).
The name "Saruhashi" was derived from this legend (猿, "Saru," means monkey in Japanese and 橋, "Hashi," means bridge).
The bridge has been rebuilt several times since the Edo period.

Popular Sightseeing Spots Near Saruhashi Bridge

Image of pumpkin hoto
Photo:Pumpkin hoto

There are many Maple, Japanese Zelkova and Ginkgo trees in the area surrounding Saruhashi Bridge, and in the fall, when the leaves begin to change, you can enjoy taking a relaxing stroll through the autumn foliage
The shots of the red-leaved maple trees seen near the end of the video are particularly beautiful (2:33).

For those visiting during fall, make sure to take photos of the Japanese lantern events held in the evening to share with your friends on Instagram!
When the weather's nice, you can enjoy viewing the scenery of Saruhashi Bridge from Katsura river (桂川, katsuragawa) by boat.

There are a variety of local delicacies for you to try in Otsuki city, such as Hoto, Koshu wine beef, Koshu beef, and fresh fruit. The grapes in this region are particularly delicious!
After trying the local cuisine, you can stay at one of the many hot spring resorts in Yamanashi prefecture, a perfect way to end your trip!

After visiting Saruhashi Bridge, if you have time to spare, we recommend visiting one or more of the following sightseeing spots, all of which are easily accessible from Saruhashi Bridge: Yatsuzawa waterway bridge, Shin-Saruhashi Bridge, Iwadonosan, Takagawayama, Sasagotougeno Yatatenosugi , Otsuki city tourist information center (大月市観光案内所, ootsukishikankouannaijo), Sasago Tunnel, Saruhashikinrin Park (猿橋近隣公園, saruhashikinrinkouen), Iwadonosan Maruyama Park (岩殿山丸山公園, iwadonosanmaruyamakouen), Chigootoshi and Otsuki city museum (大月市郷土資料館, ootsukishikyoudoshiryoukan).

Summary of Saruhashi Bridge

Saruhashi Bridge is known for being one of the most unusual bridges in Japan; however, it can also be called one of the most beautiful.
As you can see from the video, the fall scenery is spectacular. Also not to be missed is the sight of the cherry blossoms and hydrangea in full bloom in spring and early summer!
There is free parking available in the area making it the perfect destination for a day out!

◆Saruhashi Bridge Information◆
【Address】Saruhashi town (猿橋町, Saruhashimachi), Otsuki city, Yamanashi prefecture
【Access】A 15 minute walk from Saruhashi Station (猿橋駅, Saruhashi eki) on the JR Chuo Main Line (JR 中央本線, Chuo Honsen)
【Parking】Free parking available
【Telephone】Otsuki City Industrial Tourism Section: 0554-20-1829


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Saruhashi Bridge - Stunning Japanese Architecture and Beautiful Autumn Leaves. Check Out One of the Three Most Unusual Bridges in Japan in Yamanashi Prefecture!
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