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Beautiful Views and Attractions at Fuji-Q Highland

The video "Episode 1: A Survey of Beautiful Scenery at Fuji-Q Highland" (エピソード1「富士急ハイランドの絶景を調査せよ」) was created by "Fuji-Q Highland Official" (Fuji-Q Highland Official富士急ハイランド公式).
In this video, the popular heroes of Fuji-Q Highland, "Shrill Attraction Squadron Highlander," introduces the attractions where you can enjoy a spectacular view.

Fuji Q Highland is at the foot of the mountain and people call it “Fuji-Q.”
Fuji-Q Highland is a popular amusement park located at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
The park, with a total area of 500,000 square meters, is a popular spot with the world's largest collection of attractions, recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.
At Fuji-Q, you'll find Thomas Land, La Ville de Gaspard et Lisa, an ice skating rink, Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest, and more!
There are also a wide range of nearby tourist facilities such as the Fuji Five Lakes International Skate Center, hotels and Fujiyama Hot Spring.

Check out the video of three of the most spectacular thrill rides, selected from more than 40 different attractions at Fuji-Q Highland!

Thrill Rides at Fuji-Q

The first, recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, is "Takabisha," with a maximum drop of 121 degrees.
It can be seen at 0:32 in the video.
As you can see in the video, it makes a quick drop causing passengers to scream with excitement!
Just before the drop, you can see a beautiful view of the area around Mt. Fuji.

The next attraction, introduced at 1:08 in the video, is Fujiyama, one of the four Guinness Book of World Records-certified, iconic attractions at Fuji-Q Highland.
From the top of the attraction, you can see a panoramic view of Fuji-Q Highland and Mount Fuji.

"Do-Dodonpa," seen at 2:05 in the video, is the worlds fastest roller coaster in the world, accelerating to 180 km/h in just 1.56 seconds!
It also has the largest loop in the world, with a diameter of 39.7 meters, inside of which you can feel the centrifugal force creating a zero-gravity zone, and the light tunnel at the start of the ride allows you to experience a different dimension!

All three attractions featured in the video are available with priority scream tickets (Zekkyo Priority Ticket), that allow you to skip the lines, even when the park is busy!

"Shrill Attraction Squadron Highlander"

"Shrill Attraction Squadron Highlander" is the rag-tag group of "heroes" introducing the rides in the video.
There are 6 members and they have a bunch of funny interactions throughout the video.

Summary of Fuji-Q Highland

Image of roller coaster
Photo:Roller coaster

Did you enjoy the comedic guide of Fuji-Q by "Shrill Attraction Squadron Highlander"?
There are other attractions, including the large roller coaster "Eejanaika," "Tekkotsubanchou - Sky Tower Swinger," the water attraction "Cool Jappaan," "Tentekomai - Sky Roller," "Fuji Airways," "Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear - Haunted Hospital," "Mad Mouse," "Tondemina - Super Pendulum," and more at Fuji-Q Highland!
You can also enjoy lunch at Starbucks or other restaurants and cafés inside the park.

You can get to Fuji-Q Highland by public transportation, private car, and bus tours such as the night bus which comes with a free pass.

Admission is free and tickets are required for each attraction.
If you plan on riding more than four roller coasters, we highly recommend buying the free pass.
It's possible to get tickets online from the official homepage as well.

【Address】5-6-1 Shinnishihara, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi 403-0017
【Access】Take the Chuo Expressway via Otsuki junction and get off at Kawaguchiko interchange
【Entrance fee】Entrance ticket free. Need another ticket for rides.
【Hours】9:00-17:00 (depends on the seasons)
【Closures】Not fixed
【Parking】Parking area available
【Telephone No】0555-23-2111

【Official Website】Fuji-Q Highland

【Tripadvisor】Fuji-Q Highland

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Screams of Fun Fill the Air at Fuji-Q Highland, a Popular Amusement Park in Fujiyoshida! Enjoy Learning About the Park as It’s Introduced by Some of Japan’s Most Popular Heroes!
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