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This video, titled "宮大工が職人技で教える初心者のための”のみ”の研ぎ方はこれだ! Sharpening a Japanese Chisel," was released by "翠紅舎 Suikoushya."
The chisel shown in this video is a tool mainly consisting of a metal blade and a handle, and is used for drilling holes or engraving in wood, stone, metal, etc.

There are several types of chisels and each has its own special use. They are used often in Japanese crafts. Flat bladed chisels are called flat chisels,
Other blades are made of other materials, such as soft iron or steel.

In this video, you can learn about the chisel, an indispensable tool for carpenters, and how to maintain it.

Sharpening a Chisel, an Essential Tool for Carpentry! Bringing Worn-Out Tools Back to Life to Be as Good as New!
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