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What NOT to Do While Using Chopsticks!

This video, titled "Are You Using Your Chopsticks Correctly? 16 Things NOT to Do When Using Chopsticks" (正しく使えてる?お箸のNGマナー16選), was produced by "Le TRONC - Outing Video Media." It introduces a manners course that teaches 16 things to avoid when eating with chopsticks.
You might not notice it, but other people see how you use your chopsticks!
This video will teach you proper chopstick etiquette, which most people, even the Japanese, get wrong.

Watching the video, you'll notice how the improper way of using chopsticks is not as elegant as using them properly.
Be sure to follow along with the video as you read all about proper chopstick etiquette!

The Do's and Don'ts of Chopsticks!

Image of Japan's chopstick etiquette
Photo:Japan's chopstick etiquette

This video presents 16 of the most common violations of chopstick etiquette. Each breach of etiquette has its own name and reason.
For the purpose of valuing the culture of chopsticks in our daily lives, it's important to understand what is incorrect, and why.
Without further ado, here is a list of the 16 most common violations of chopstick etiquette!
Time stamps are also included by the names, so be sure to check them out as you read on.

【#1】Yose-bashi (0:03)
This is the act of moving a dish toward you with your chopsticks.
To avoid this, place your chopsticks on the chopstick rest and move the dish with both hands.

【#2】Kasane-bashi (0:10)
This refers to eating the same dish continuously.
The polite thing to do is try a variety of dishes.

【#3】Neburi-bashi (0:17)
This is refers to licking or nipping the end of your chopsticks.
It looks childish and makes people you are eating with uncomfortable, so definitely avoid doing this.

【#4】Utsuri-bashi (0:23)
This is when you pick up one item, and without eating it, choose a different one.
If you pick something up with your chopsticks, proper etiquette is to eat it.

【#5】Sashi-bashi (0:30)
This is often done by inexperienced chopstick users. It refers to spearing the food rather than picking it up.
This is also seen as childish and should be avoided.

【#6】Mogi-bashi (0:37)
This is where you remove food stuck to your chopsticks with your mouth.
Proper etiquette is to remove it with a special paper so that it is not seen by those you are dining with.

【#7】Furiage-bashi (0:44)
Pointing at someone with your chopsticks.
This can make people incredibly uncomfortable, so this is another one you should definitely avoid.

【#8】Watashi-bashi (0:51)
This refers to resting chopsticks sideways across the top of a dish or bowl. Many people are guilty of this one.
If you want to set your chopsticks down, place them on your chopstick rest.

【#9】Namida-bashi (0:57)
This is letting soup or sauce drip from your chopsticks like tears ("namida" in Japanese).
Use a dish to catch it instead.

【#10】Seseri-bashi (1:04)
This is the act of using your chopsticks to remove food stuck in your teeth.
This is simply unpleasant to look at.

【#11】Putting your chopsticks vertically in your rice (1:11)
This is the act of sticking chopsticks in your rice and standing it up. This is something you do at the deathbed of someone who has passed away or at a Buddhist altar.
Use a chopstick rest here too.

【#12】Oshikomi-bashi (1:18)
This is to push the food into your mouth with your chopsticks.
It's best not to stuff your mouth as full as possible with food.

【#13】Mayoi-bashi (1:25)
This is bring your chopsticks close to something to eat it and then changing your mind and choosing something else.
Proper etiquette entails that, once your bring your chopsticks towards a dish, you eat it.

【#14】Saguri-bashi (1:31)
This refers to using your chopsticks to rummage through your dish to find the food you like.
Avoid doing this by eating what is at the top of your dish.

【#15】Hiroi-bashi (1:38)
This refers to passing food between chopsticks. This is something done at funerals and should also be avoided.
If you want to share food with someone, pass it to their plate directly, or have them bring it to their plate directly.

【#16】Kakikomi-bashi (1:45)
This is the act of holding a bowl to your mouth and shoveling food in quickly.
It's respectful to take your time eating, to show that you are savoring the flavors.

Summary of Chopstick Etiquette

Image of a family eating
Photo:A family eating

If you use your chopsticks properly everyone at the table will feel comfortable and can enjoy their meal.

If you check out the video "Are You Using Your Chopsticks Correctly? 16 Things NOT to Do When Using Chopsticks," you'll notice that these breaches of etiquette do in fact look inelegant.
We hope this article has helped you learn proper chopstick etiquette and will make you confident about your chopsticks skills!

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