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The CSR Activities of Japan Airlines (JAL)!

This video titled “【Promotional Video】Japan Airlines _ CSR Activity Promotional Video,” produced by “Video Marketing Agency- PROOX Co., Ltd” (動画制作・映像制作の株式会社プルークス), is a promotional video that introduces JAL’s CSR activities.

CSR stands for "corporate social responsibility," and refers to the social responsibility of a company to voluntarily engage in environmental protection activities from an ethical perspective.

As introduced in the video, JAL, as a global company, continues to make various social contributions to reduce carbon emissions.
This video introduces JAL’s CSR initiatives in a very clear and easy-to-understand way.
We hope that by watching this video you'll get interested in environmental conservation as well!

JAL’s Environmental Initiatives

It can be said that economic activity leads to the emission of large amounts of CO2 which in turn affects global warming.

As introduced at 0:35 in the video, JAL’s CSR activities include the installation of equipment that lowers the air resistance of airplanes to increase fuel efficiency, cooperation with the atmospheric observation project “CONTRAIL”, and airplane engine cleaning for improved fuel efficiency.

Examples of JAL's Bio-Jet Fuel Utilization

Japan Airlines (JAL) plans to introduce Bio-jet fuel into airplanes to further reduce CO2.
Bio-jet fuel is an earth-friendly fuel made from wood and trash.

From 2:36 in the video, a charter flight using fuel made from cotton clothing is also introduced.
The recycling of garbage, wood and used clothes eliminates the need for mining new fossil fuels, which would lead to a cleaner, recycling based society.

Eco-Friendly Flights by JAL

JAL conducted a demonstration flight of an airplane using Bio-jet fuel in 2009, and a test flight equipped with Bio-jet fuel from Chicago O’Hare International Airport to Narita International Airport in 2017.

In addition, in 2019, they received a supply of Bio-jet fuel from Showa Shell Co, Ltd. and operated a flight to San Francisco International Airport.
They are planning a charter flight with an airplane using Bio-jet fuel again in 2020.

Summary of Japan Airlines' CSR Activity

In this video, the environmental conservation activities of Japan Airlines are explained in an easy-to-understand animation.

The introduction of Bio-jet fuel for airplanes is an initiative for the “SDGs” adopted at the United Nations Summit.
Everyone is focused on Japan Airlines' CSR activities as it continues to make various contributions to safety, environmental protection and local communities.

【Official website】CSR Information | JAL Corporate Website – Japan Airlines

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Last Updated : Nov. 4, 2022
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Flying Airplanes With Recycled Fuel? The Various Measures Taken by Japan Airlines to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Protect the Environment! Check Out the Video Summarizing Their CSR Activities!
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