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This video, titled "[4k] [Airplane Video] A Japan Air Commuter (JAC) plane at Fukuoka Airport" ([4k] [飛行機動画] 福岡空港に飛来した日本エアコミューター(JAC)の飛行機), was released by "Fairport."

This video introduces Japan Air Commuter's airplanes flying to Fukuoka Airport.
Japan Air Commuter is a member of the JAL group of airlines and operates turboprop airplanes (propeller-driven planes).
Compared to jet planes, propeller-driven planes are more compact and fly at a lower altitude, allowing passengers to enjoy the view from the sky.

In this video, you can see one such propeller plane in flight. Be sure to check it out!

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Japan Air Commuter's Airplanes Inspire the Spirit of Travel! A Look at the Many Different Air Commuter Planes of Japan!
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