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This video, titled "[Luxury ANA First Class] A380 FLYING HONU "2" to Hawaii! Narita to Honolulu Flight Review [First Class Flight Review]" (【豪華ANAファーストクラス】A380 FLYING HONU "2号機"でハワイへ!成田→ホノルル飛行機レビュー【First Class Flight Review】), was released by "ちゃますけ / Chamasuke."

The No.2 A380 Airbus FLYING HONU entered service on June 18, 2019 on the Narita-Honolulu route.
The fuselage is emerald green, inspired by the beauty of Hawaii.
The design of the nose of the aircraft is very charming with a smiling face of a sea turtle, which is considered a sacred creature in Hawaii.

The video gives you a detailed look at what it's like to board a first class flight to Honolulu.
In-flight facilities, food, and's all first class! Watching the video, you'll get a sense of the premium travel experience!

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Flying ANA First Class to Hawaii! A380 FLYING HONU No.2, With Its Beautiful Emerald Green Fuselage!
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