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This video, titled "Reverse thrust on taxi way? JAL 747 Memorial #003 : 747-446D [JA8083] at CTS/RJCC : Landing," was released by "j-sky on YouTube."
It's cool seeing the large aircraft land and go down the runway, but how does an airplane land and stop in the first place?

After the aircraft lands it glides for a while, then slows down and comes to a stop.
When an aircraft moves on the ground under its own power, it is called taxiing.
In order for an aircraft to stop successfully, they choose a runway with a headwind or a system of reverse thrusters that directly thrust upward at an angle.
So many different things go into the safe landing of an airplane.

A Powerful Landing Scene of a Famous Aircraft Responsible for the Success of JAL. The Majestic Sight of a Jumbo Jet Plane Landing With a Splash of Snow Is a Sight to Behold!
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