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A Fusion of Sports Bike and Japanese Steel - The Pride of Suzuki Motor

This video, titled "KATANA official promotional video : FEEL THE EDGE | Suzuki," is an introductory video of the famous motorcycle "KATANA," produced by the world renown automobile and motorcycle manufacturer, Suzuki.

At 0:07 in the video, we're greeted by the flames of a forge and a hammer striking steel. Shortly after, the beautiful design of Japanese sword appears.
This is followed by a series of fast-paced scenes in which a samurai wearing a visor makes a powerful slash, creating the sharp edges of Suzuki's "Katana."

At 1:32, in the video, the samurai transforms into the rider, racing down the track on the KATANA.
It's a very cool video, reminiscent of a samurai riding full speed into battle.

About Suzuki's KATANA

Image of a Suzuki motorcycle
Photo:Suzuki Motorcycle

The KATANA, a masterpiece of a motorcycle possessing Suzuki's own sharp and aggressive form, was born in 1981, some 40 years ago.
At that time, its unparalleled sharp design captured the hearts of riders and spawned a loyal following.

The first classic KATANA type was the GXS110, a prototype with a cowling that was announced at the 1980 motor show in Germany.
At that time, opinions on the radical design with a motif of a Japanese sword were divided, and it was said that it would never be mass-produced with such a design.

However, mass production of the old KATANA began in 1981, with only the 1100cc variant being released. But its popularity grew and it was made into a series of 750cc, 400cc, and 250cc variants.
The development was temporarily discontinued in 2000, but the older models are still incredibly popular to this day, and used and custom bikes are sold at high prices.
The GSX250SS KATANA, a faithful reproduction of the first KATANA released in 1991, is said to be the most popular of the successive generations that have been released.

More About the Latest KATANA

In 2019, Suzuki announced the long awaited production of a new model KATANA.
Prior to this, the KATANA 3.0, a prototype of the new bike, was unveiled at the EICMA 2017 Milan show and generated a lot of buzz among bikers.
Suzuki’s flagship model, Suzuki Naked, is used in the new KATANA’s engine.

It also has a full LCD-type multi-function display, which improves the visibility and operability of the fuel consumption gauge and speedometer.
The new supersport bike has a more distinctive appearance with a sharper cowling than the KATANA of yesteryear.

Summary of Suzuki’s New KATANA

The new KATANA was launched in 2019 to the delight of many motoring enthusiasts, and thanks to improvements to the engine and suspension, it takes less time to reach top speed.

The new Katana's design is sharper and more ambitious than ever before, and it's sure to attract both old fans and newcomers to the bike.
The new KATANA will be available in one model and two colors, with prices starting at 1,540,000 yen.
For more information, check out Suzuki's official website.
If you haven't yet, be sure to check out the video to see the sharp design of Suzuki's "KATANA."

【Official Website】KATANA Special website | Suzuki motorcycle

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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