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Introduction to the cuisine and houseboat video of Funakiyo in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

This video, titled “Yakatabune Funasei Business Overview Video Shinagawa(屋形船 船清 事業紹介動画 品川)” is produced by AllMovieJapan, and introduces the Yakatabune of the traditional Japanese restaurant Funasei in Shinagawa, Tokyo.

Shinagawa Funasei is one of the most popular long-established restaurants in Tokyo.
The elegant Yakatabune of Funasei often appears in Japanese TV shows and commercials.
Enjoy a satisfying cruise on the extraordinary Yakatabune while savoring the delicious Japanese cuisine and admiring the splendid city lights.
The video shows dishes served on the Yakatabune and the night view from the boat.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy a cruise through Tokyo bay.

Shinagawa Funasei

 Assorted tempura
Photo:Assorted tempura

Shinagawa was once the most prosperous relay station on the Tokaido, and many people in the area were involved in the boating business.
The Shinagawa Funasei is so popular that it was voted the best houseboat in a survey of the 30 most popular sightseeing boats on the water by a Ryoko Shimbun.

Funasei’s Yakatabune has a kitchen to cook various Japanese dishes.
You can enjoy not only the fresh sashimi, but also fresh tempura as well.
Dishes of Shinagawa Funasei appear around 1:00 in the video.
Having all sorts of Japanese food on the extraordinary ship is luxurious experience.

Hop on Board the Yakatabune and Enjoy the Scenic Beauty of Tokyo!

Image of Fireworks and Yakatabune
Photo:Fireworks and Yakatabune

Shinagawa Funasei’s shared cruise is for a minimum of two people, but tourists can also enjoy a chartered boat in large groups as well.
We recommend that you depart from Shinagawa for a fascinating excursion that takes you to some of Tokyo's most scenic spots, including Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Skytree, Sumida River, Eitai Bridge, and Odaiba.
The Yakatabune has a viewing deck, so you can enjoy the beautiful views while taking in the refreshing sea breeze.
You also have a chance to discover hidden tourist attractions during the cruise.

The illuminated view of Tokyo seen from the Yakatabune is shown at 1:21 in the video.
The sights of Tokyo that you see from the sea will show you a different side of the city.
This area also has many instagrammable spots.

Enjoy the Elegance of Japan's Seasons on the Yakatabune

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in the spring and tourists can enjoy the colorful autumn leaves in the fall.
As Funasei’s Yakatabune takes the best tourist route for each season, you can enjoy dining with nothing but the finest views in the industry.

Shinagawa Funasei’s Yakatabune is also ideal for cherry blossom and moon viewing, as well as various kinds of parties.
During the hot summer, tourists can enjoy a cool evening while viewing fireworks from the boat.
During winter, you can enjoy food on the boat with a horigotatsu.

Summary of Yakatabune

You can enjoy a lovely cruise around all the lovely locations shown in the video with Yakatabune Funasei in Shinagawa, Tokyo. In the video, you can see overseas tourists enjoying the Yakatabune as well.
The Yakatabune offers you a different way to enjoy your trip in Tokyo.
Be sure to watch the video to get an idea of what a luxury experience it is.

There are plans for lunch and dinner, small and large groups, and prices vary by selection.
Note that some of the more popular plans require a reservation.

◆Funasei restaurant information◆
【Address】1-16-8, Kitashinagawa, Shibagawa Ward, Tokyo 140-0001
【Access】A 13-minute walk from JR/Keikyu Shinagawa Station
【Price】Depends on plans/courses
【Hours】10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
【Phone number】(+81) 03-5479-2731

【Official Website】Yakatabune Funasei – Traditional boat since the Edo period in Shinagawa, Tokyo


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