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Introducing Ibaraki Prefecture - A Tourist Destination Full of Attractions

This video, titled "[Revised Version] Ibaraki Prefecture PR Video "Outlook IBARAKI" Japanese Version" (【改訂版】茨城県PR映像「Outlook IBARAKI」 日本語版), was released by "いばキラTV - IBAKIRA TV -."

Ibaraki Prefecture is an area where you can enjoy beautiful, Instagram-worthy scenery such as Fukuroda Falls, one of Japan's three most famous waterfalls, Mt. Tsukuba, on the list of "Top 100 Mountains in Japan," and the beautiful Kasumigaura Lake, the second largest lake in Japan.

The Beauty of Ibaraki

The population of Ibaraki is about 3 million and this prefecture lets people enjoy the four seasons of Japan. It takes 70 minutes to get to Mito City, the capital of Ibaraki Prefecture, from central Tokyo by the Joban Line. Kairakuen Garden, a sightseeing spot in Mito, is famous for its Ume flowers and when they’re in full bloom, the place is overflowing with visitors.

Ibaraki Prefecture is an important region supporting Japan in agriculture and industry, and has a well-developed land, sea, and air transportation network, with the Port of Ibaraki and the Port of Kashima, as well as Ibaraki Airport, connecting the prefecture to countries around the world.
Ibaraki has a historically deep culture, and you can find traditional Japanese culture, such as Kashima-Jingu Shrine, one of the oldest shrines in Japan, as well as traditional crafts.

Ibaraki Prefecture supports Japan in various fields such as industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, cuisine and space technology.

Check Out Ibaraki's Melons!

Image of melon

Ibaraki Prefecture is a major producer of fruits and vegetables, and Ibaraki's chestnuts, rice, Chinese cabbage and lotus root, boast the No. 1 market share in Tokyo. It is also the top producer of melons in Japan!
“Ibaraking” is a famous melon because of its large size and elegant sweetness.
This melon is introduced at past 1:40 in the video. You can tell how delicious it is just by watching.
In addition to melons, you can enjoy chestnuts and pears in the fall, so it is recommended that you visit Ibaraki in each of the four seasons.
Although it’s not well known, Mt. Tsukuba and the Northern part of the prefecture have an enriched hot spring where you can enjoy a relaxing time after a meal or sightseeing.

Image of monkfish hot pot
Photo:Monkfish hot pot

Try Out the Local Specialties in Ibaraki!

Ibaraki is a reservoir for various seafood, such as mackerel and sardine. A standard dish during the winter in Ibaraki is monkfish hot pot.
The annual "Monkfish Cleaning" event at Oarai Sun Beach has become a popular winter event, so much so that it has become a hot topic in the news.
The livestock industry is prosperous as well. There's Hitachi beef which is famous throughout the world, and Rose Pork, with a quality of meat that ranks among the best in Japan!
In this article's video, "Outlook IBARAKI," you can learn more about monkfish, Hitachi beef, and popular sightseeing and dining spots in Ibaraki.
Speaking of local gourmet, in Ibaraki there's the “Mito roast pork burger,” “Kasama Inarizushi,” Clam rice, and of course locally produced sake.
If you're going to Ibaraki be sure to try some of these out. They're all delicious.

Ibaraki - A World Class Research City in Japan

Image of Tsukuba Space Center
Photo:Tsukuba Space Center

Ibaraki: One of the World's Leading Cities for Research and Education in Japan

In addition to being famous for its cuisine and tourism, Ibaraki is also a hub for research and development.
It is located 45 minutes from the center of Tokyo by the Tsukuba Express.
There are research institutes from 29 countries, including the Tsukuba Space Center, which is famous for space development, and about 20,000 scientists support the world's most advanced research.
It is one of the world's leading Japanese research cities, home to four Nobel Prize winners associated with Tsukuba!
Bronze statues of Nobel Prize winners are introduced around 2:48 in the video.

Major Japanese companies such as Hitachi, Komatsu, Canon, and Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal have their main factories here, and the robotics industry is particularly active in the industrial sector, where various robots are being developed and put to practical use.

Ibaraki's Remarkable Sports

Ibaraki Prefecture is known for its cuisine, tourism and research and development. In addition, Ibaraki Prefecture is also attracting attention in the field of sports.
J-League powerhouse Kashima Antlers, named after Japan's oldest shrine, the Kashima Shrine, is loved by residents of Ibaraki Prefecture.
Additionally, the Ibaraki National Athletic Meet was held in 2019. It’s the largest event and athletes from all over Japan gather to show their hard training.

Summary of Ibaraki

There are also many other attractive sightseeing spots in Ibaraki, such as Hitachi Seaside Park, where you can enjoy the seasonal flowers, as well as many gourmet foods.
Check out the video, full of the attractions of Ibaraki, such as nature, industry, agriculture, livestock farming, gourmet food, space development, and more!
This article can't convey all of the amazing things Ibaraki has in store for you, so be sure to check out the video to get a better idea of what there is to do!

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