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This video, titled "[In Store Footage] I Went to IKEA!" (【店内撮影】IKEAに行って来た!), was released by " Arch_RYO."
The IKEA Japanese headquarters is located in Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture and there are about 10 stores in Japan.

It also has an online store, making it convenient for those who live far away.
A unique feature of IKEA products is their Swedish names.
Swedish names are unfamiliar to the Japanese, so many shoppers enjoy the fresh sound of product names.
IKEA also has a cafe-restaurant inside the store, where you can enjoy fast food at reasonable prices.

If You're Looking for Scandinavian Furniture, Head Over to IKEA, a Furniture Brand That Originated in Sweden! A Look at Japan's IKEA Stores!
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