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The Lively, Tropical Ishigaki City Public Market- The Kitchen of the Island

“What the Guidebooks Won’t Tell You About Ishigakijima! Kitchen of the Island! City Public Market!” (ガイドブックでは分からない石垣島!島の台所!公設市場), was created by “Okinawa Katteni Guide.” It introduces Ishigaki City Public Market along with the song, “Nada Sousou” by BEGIN.

Ishigaki City Public Market is located inside Euglena Mall (formerly Ayapani Mall), which is a bazaar along Ginza Street.
It's in the center of Ishigaki Island. (石垣島, Ishigakijima)

This article will introduce the charms of Ishigaki City Public Market, side by side with the video.
Enjoy the tropical and lively atmosphere of the market!

Introducing Ishigaki City Public Market

The market is along Chuou Street and inside the shopping district “Euglena Mall.
There are supermarkets and izakaya inside the market as well. It's very popular and has a history of more than 100 years.

There are street booths along the market selling rare tropical fruits, veggies, local specialties, souvenirs, and more. This can be seen at 0:22 in the video.

From 0:51, we see the inside of the market.
The first floor sells meats and fish.
You can get fresh tropical fish, shrimp, and natural mozuku seaweed at “Manna Sengyoten,” “Kuba Sengyoten” and so on.

The meat is mainly Ishigaki beef, a specialty of Ishigaki Island.
There's also "Chiragar," (smoked pig skin) which can be seen at 1:32 in the video. The Uehara Butcher Shop and Tamashiro Meat Shop are two of the butcher shops in the area.
There are also other stores that sell seashells. The magnificent shells make great tropical souvenirs.

As seen at 1:47 in the video, there's a shop called “Ishigakishi Tokusanhin Hanbai Center” that sells specialty goods on the second floor. This shop is approved by the Ishigaki Chamber of Commerce.

In the spacious shop, there's Shisa pottery, Ryukyu glass, Yaeyama textiles, Angama masks and Ohoho masks of the gods, local beer made on Ishigaki Island, fresh chinsuko, passion fruit drinks, and more!

Although not featured in the video, there's a restaurant called “Ichiba Shokudo” on the third floor that serves local cuisine.

You can enjoy buying food, souvenirs, and the local flavors all in one area!

Information About Ishigaki City Public Market

Image of Scenery from New Ishigaki Airport Observation Deck
Photo:Scenery from New Ishigaki Airport Observation Deck

To get to Ishigaki City Public Market, it takes about 30 minutes by bus and train from Ishigaki Airport.
There is no parking at the market itself, but there are parking lots around the market.
Hours are from 9 am to 9 pm.

Summary of the Ishigaki City Public Market

Image of Okinawa Prefecture, Shisa souvenir
Photo:Okinawa Prefecture, Shisa souvenir

“What the Guidebooks Won’t Tell You About Ishigakijima! Kitchen of the Island! City Public Market!,” gives an inside look at the amazing Ishigaki City Public Market. Be sure to watch the video and see the lively market, which has a bazaar-like atmosphere that you normally wouldn't find in Japan.

There are a lot of sightseeing spots such as Ishigaki Stalactite Cave, hotels, and beaches around the market as well.
Visit Ishigaki City Public Market when you travel to Ishigaki Island!


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Ishigaki City Public Market in Ishigaki, Okinawa: Enjoy Delicious Tropical Food as Well as Meats and Vegetables, All in One Place! There’s Nothing You Can’t Find Here! Be Sure to Pick up Some Souvenirs as Well!
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