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What is Roadside Station Nanbu?

This video introduces the collaboration between the anime "Yuru Camp" and the stage of "Heya Camp". And it is an introduction of "Roadside station Nanbu", (called "Roadside Station Nanbu" in Japanese), which is said to be a sacred place among fans.

The theme of Roadside Station Nanbu is a “Food Theme Park!” Here, you enjoy a variety of delicious local foods at various commercial facilities.

There is also a dog run in the park, and those who come by car can play with their pets.
Traffic access to Roadside Station Nanbu is about 7 minutes by bus from JR Minobu Line Utsubuna Station, which can be seen from 0:07 in the video.
Because it is a facility built in the wilderness you can enjoy hiking as well.
Let's take a look at some attractions around "Roadside Station Nanbu".

Introducing gourmet locations at "Roadside Station Nanbu"!

The best part of Roadside Station Nanbu is the local gourmet restaurants.
The delicious tuna bowl that appears at 0:24 in the video, Toro Torotoro Don, is a popular menu item.
As you can see in the video, you can enjoy "special soy sauce" and "Umagoma sauce". At the end, they show Ochazuke with "Dense Yaizu Tuna Dashi".

Other recommended items include Nanbu Ichshou Soba from 0:32, OInari Chan, a southern farm plate that can only be tasted at Roadside Station Nanbu, and Koshu Wagyu Toro Suki, which you can see at 0:34.

As you can see from 0:39, the after-meal desserts are also great! You can enjoy three kinds of southern sweet teas, a popular tapioca drink, soft serve ice cream, parfaits, etc., all unique to the famous southern tea production area! Roadside Station Nanbu is full of popular menus listed on the food review website "Tabelog."
Popular souvenirs include vegetables grown by local farmers and southern tea soba.

What is Roadside Station Nanbu?

Roadside Stations can be seen in 1,173 places nationwide, but why did they come to be called "Roadside Stations"?
The Roadside Stations are said to be a service area (SA) facility equipped with a stand, a cafeteria, and a toilet as a rest area on the highway.
Each SA has a standard menu and a popular menu item, and some places with sleeping areas and accommodation facilities have appeared to differentiate themselves.

It is traced to a railway station and is called a "Roadside Station" based on how drivers stop mid-way through their travels and take a break at it. It is built on a general road to make it easier to stop at and is part of the town revitalization policy.
In recent years, the "Muranoeki (village station)" in Izu has also become a hot topic.

The operation of this roadside station is generally performed by the road manager of each local government.
There are disaster prevention building facilities, and some facilities are also used as emergency evacuation sites and relay points for relief supplies.

Roadside Station Nanbu's Facilities and Attractions

There Are Still Many Attractions at Roadside Station Nanbu!
In September 2019, the statue of the equestrian Saburo Nanbu Mitsuyuki was unveiled.
There is also a children's space for families and the Nanbu Exhibition Room which can be seen from 0:56.

Roadside Station Nanbu is located in Koma-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture. It is an area with lots of superb greenery.
Around Roadside Station Nanbu, there is Uchifuna Temple, a facility where you can enjoy fishing and barbecuing (shown in the video from 1:27), and the hot spring Nanbu-no-yu that you can see from 1:49.
You can also enjoy the southern tea plantations overflowing with greenery at 1:01.

Roadside Station Nanbu Summary

A lot of green, a Lot of nature, and a LOT of local gourmet! What'd you think of Roadside Station Nanbu?

If you're interested, please come and visit Roadside Station Nanbu a popular anime fan destination where you can enjoy gourmet food, history and nature.

◆ Roadside Station Nanbu Introduction of facility outline ◆
【Address】3034-1 Nakano, Nanbu-cho, Minamikoma-gun, Yamanashi 409-2211
【Access】 About 60 minutes by car from Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture on the Chubu Crossing Expressway and National Route 52. About 7 minutes by bus from JR Minobu Line Utsubuna Station
【Opening hours】 9: 00-17: 00
【Closures】 None
【Parking】 108 spaces (40 vehicles available for 24 hours)
【Phone number】 0556-64-8552

【Official Website】Food theme park "Roadside Station Nanbu

【Tripadvisor】Roadside Station Nanbu

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