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Summer at Niseko Village!

YouTube screenshot is a promotional video titled "Niseko Village summer season 2017," created by “Niseko Village1.” It introduces summer at Niseko Village, a very popular tourist destination in Hokkaido, located in Northern Japan.

Niseko Village is a resort facility that offers various kind of activities such as hot springs, hotels, restaurants, shopping, and more. It is a ski resort during the winter and it is well-known for its powdery snow. Lots of tourists visit here to enjoy skiing and snowboarding during winter. During summer, Niseko village offers a variety of activities. It also has good reviews on review websites from satisfied customers who have visited it, which is no surprise considering its outstanding natural landscape and the myriad of activities to enjoy.

This two-minute-long video introduces the different activities and events that you can enjoy during summer at Niseko Village. Get ready for an adventure!

What is Niseko, Hokkaido?

Image of Japanese Shiba Cherry blossom at Mt. Youtei
Photo:Japanese Shiba Cherry blossoms at Mt. Youtei

“Niseko” was originally the name of the Ainu language, and it is also a town in Hokkaido. Niseko is located between “Niseko Annupuri mountain,” and the dormant volcano “Mt.Youtei.” Mt. Youtei was selected as one of the "Top 100 Famous Mountains of Japan," and is also called “Ezo Fuji.” You can see the beautiful view of Mt. Youtei from Niseko Village.

Fun in the Sun at Niseko Village!

Niseko Village is a tourist resort area that consists of “Niseko Village Ski resort,” “Hilton Niseko Village,” “The Green Leaf Niseko Village,” and “Niseko Village Golf Course.” The video shows viewers what Niseko Village offers, and some of the fun outdoor activities available during summer.

The two golf courses that are available are Niseko Village Golf Course, and Niseko Golf Course. You can see the beautiful view of Mt. Youkei, while getting a view of Niseko's gorgeous scenery as you play golf.
Check out the video at 0:09 to see a magnificent view of the golf course. Be sure to pack your clubs!

The fun places for kids include the nature experience area “Pure.” “Pure” provides different kinds of outdoor activities and you can spend the whole day exercising and frolicking in nature.

The most popular attraction is “Tree Trekking,” which involves navigating ropes and suspension bridges to pass through the trees. “Rail slider,” and “Zip lining,” are also popular attractions at Niseko. Check out the video at 0:14 to see how excited the children are to try out these activities.

You can also go cycling in Niseko and see the beautiful scenery with the fresh breeze flowing through your hair. Rafting is a thrilling activity where you can enjoy going down the rapids while getting a look at the beautiful scenery. There's also fishing, and you can pick apples and grapes in the area as well.

Shopping, Gourmet Food, and Hot Springs at Niskeo Village

Niseko Village is a combination of a traditional Japanese townhouse, shopping facilities with outdoor equipment, and Hokkaido's cuisine and cafes. You can also try making soba noodles. This can be seen in the video at 1:22.

“Hilton Niseko Village Onsen” offers a luxury open-air hot springs located next to a pond. The hot springs are open 24 hours, so you can get refreshed and revitalized at any time. There is also a spa, luxury massage, and treatment where you can relieve yourself of fatigue. Watch the video at 1:28 to learn more about the hot springs.

“Nikoniko Niseko Village Festival” is a popular event that includes a Taiko(drums) performance, workshop, stage performance, as well as gourmet food and fireworks. You can see how exciting this event is from 1:30 in the video.

Niseko Village Summary

Niseko Village is a large resort area in Hokkaido where you can enjoy summer activities, gourmet food, and hot springs. A dog park is also available for those traveling with pets. There are several events and festivals in Niseko that are sure to make your trip unforgettable.

There's a lot to see in the video. Learn more about how to enjoy the summer at Niseko Village! We hope you enjoyed this article. We highly recommend Niseko Village to experience different activities and enjoy the nature of Hokkaido. Summer in Hokkaido is short, but there's are a lot to do!

◆Niseko Village◆
【Address】 Higashiyama Onsen, Niseko, Abuda, Hokkaido 048-1592
【Access】About 3 hours by bus from Shin Chitose Airport
【Fees】Prices vary by facility. Please check the official website for more details.
【Hours】Hours varies depending on the facility, so please check the official website for more details.
【Closures】Closing days varies depending on the facility, so please check the official website.
【Phone number】 0136-44-2211

【Official Website】Niseko Village

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