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This video, titled "Ebina, the Busiest Service Area in Japan|11/11/2018" (日本一混むサービスエリア海老名2018/11/11), was released by "Onose Yuji."
The Ebina Service Area on the Tomei Expressway is famous for being the most crowded service area in Japan.

There are many delicious gourmet foods here that you won't find anywhere else.
One of the specialties at the Ebina Service Area is the melon bread from Porutogaru, which has been in business for 25 years and is the world's largest seller of melon bread.
The green outside dough is moist and crispy, and the soft baked melon bread is slightly sweet inside, give those who eat it a nostalgic feeling.
Long lines of people wait in front of the store for the melon bread.
Enjoy the lively atmosphere of the Ebina service area!

The Ebina Service Area on the Tomei Expressway - The Most Congested Highway in Japan! A Look at the One-of-a-Kind Food You Can't Afford to Miss Here!
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