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Odaiba Venus Fort!

This is a 4K video of Odaiba Venus Fort. Odaiba Venus Fort is a shopping center located in Odaiba Palette Town, in Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, in Japan's Kanto region. The inside of the shopping mall features a townscape in a 17th century European style, and on the ceiling a fantastical sky is brought to life.

There is a fancy fountain at 1:12 in the video. It is a popular photo spot for Instagram. Please enjoy walking around the mall and be amazed by the extraordinary scenery.

How to Enjoy “Odaiba Venus Fort"

There are three floors of shops in Venus Fort: Venus Family on the 1st floor, Venus Grand on the 2nd floor, and Venus Outlet on the 3rd floor. This shopping center is suitable for families and couples alike due to it having childrens' play areas and amusement facilities such as “Aneby Trimpark,” as well as places like “ASOBIBA Odaiba Venus Fort,” and “CASINO VENUS.”

A “ceiling projection mapping” event was held from 2015 to 2016, and it caught the attention of many visitors, making it a popular event. Please check the church area because this is where different events take place.

At 2:49 the video introduces the exhibition event called “Team Lab: The Tree of Beckoning Life,” which is an 8 meter tall tree created from an accumulation of light spheres. This art was created by “Team Lab” and held at an Olive hall on the 2nd floor.

Restaurants and Cafes at Odaiba Venus Fort

There are numerous gourmet food spots in Odaiba Venus Fort as well.
Spend a quality time at a fancy restaurant, or a cafe at Venus Fort. You can also try some delicious sweets and bubble tea drinks at the food court.

You can see the cafe and the restaurant area at 3:06 in the video.
Gift shops are also available. They're very popular among both foreign, and domestic tourists.

Summary of Odaiba Venus Fort

Image of Odaiba

Odaiba Venus Fort is a must-see spot if you are visiting Odaiba. Odaiba Diver City is located within a short walking distance from Venus Fort. Odaiba Diver City is another popular shopping center that has the full-sized Gundam statue, so if you're interested in one, it'd be convenient to stop by the other as well.

Please visit the official website to check mall information, as well as information about sales.
Odaiba offers various different kinds of entertainment such as hot springs, Fuji TV station, Odaiba Statue of Liberty, Science museum, a beach park, a large Ferris Wheels, LEGO LAND, a Takoyaki museum, and more. It's all of the fun and exciting spots gathered into one area.

◆Odaiba Venus Fort◆
【Address】1-3-15 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0064
【Access】Connected directly from Yurikamome Aomi Station, or 3 minutes walk from Tokyo Teleport station
【Hours】Shopping/services from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm Restaurants 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
【Parking】Available (500 yen/Hour, and 250 yen for 30 minutes after an hour. Discounts for shoppers with receipts)
【Phone number】03-3599-0700

【Official Website】Odaiba VenusFort

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The Venus Fort Shopping Center in Odaiba – Feel the Atmosphere Reminiscent of the European Renaissance, at This Popular Tourist Attraction in Tokyo!
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