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A video on retro Japanese Dagashi Stores!

This video introduces you to Japan's nostalgic "Dagashi Stores".
To Japanese adults, this video reminds them of their childhood with its nostalgic feel.
That being said, Its certainly very interesting to children and foreigners who don’t know about Japanese Dagashi Stores.

When there weren't convenience stores in the past, children loved to go to Dagashi Stores where they chose special candies and toys to spend their allowances on.
Enjoy the video showing the fun scenes of Dagashi Stores.

What Are Dagashi Stores? What Kind of Things Do They Sell?

Image of Dagashi Store
Photo:Dagashi Store

Dagashi Stores are shops that buy candies and toys from wholesale distributors and sell them in their own shops. In some regions, they are also called ‘Ichimon Candy Stores’.
As seen from 0:32 in the video, Dagashi Stores attract children with their shelves of various candies and toys.

Candies such as Kinakobo, Chocobat, BIG Katsu, Mochitaro, Umaibo, and sweets with toys and sweets with winning tickets are still being sold. Many candies that adults nowadays used to buy when they were young.

You Can Buy Toys and Play Games, Too!

Image of Traditional Toys
Photo:Traditional Toys

Dagashi Stores are popular among young children.
They also sell toys such as spinning tops (独楽 Koma), Menko (めんこ), Taketombo Bamboo toys (竹とんぼ Taketombo), balloons and plastic models.

Children enjoy playing candy lotteries with pictures of movie stars, Arcade games, and medal games with friends.
Dagashi Stores are important socializing spots for children, too.

Let's Check It Out!

Image of Sweet Shop Yokocho
Photo:Sweet Shop Yokocho

There are still some individually run Dagashi Stores left in Japan.
The chained Dagashi Stores within AEON shopping mall should be easy to find.
You should visit "Kashiya Yokocho" (菓子屋横丁), a popular tourist destination in Kawagoe, and if you're of legal age (20 in Japan), be sure to check out "Dagashi Bar" where you can eat candies with alcohol.

At the unique chain shops "Private Dining Bar Rokunen Yonkumi" (個室居酒屋6年4組), they offer "All you can eat candy."
You can also buy candies that are sold at Dagashi Stores on the internet.
We recommend that you check out various online shops.

Summary of the Introductory Video on Japanese Dagashi Stores

Today we introduced you to Dagashi Stores that are popular among children.

After watching the video, if you're longing for a nostalgia filled trip or just want to experience the Japanese culture of Dagashi Stores, be sure to find and visit the address of a nearby Dagashi Store that's still open.

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Last Updated : Oct. 31, 2021
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Packed With Candy and Toys, Dagashi Stores Are a Dream World for Children! This Video Takes You to a Popular Spot Among Kids. Take a Look at the Nostalgic Atmosphere of These Candy Stores!
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