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The Osu Shopping District - Home to a Whopping 1,200 Stores!

This video, titled "Osu Shopping District - Nagoya - Aichi - 4K Ultra HD" (Osu Shopping district - Nagoya - Aichi - 大須商店 - 4K Ultra HD), was uploaded by "TokyoStreetView-Japan The Beautiful."

Located in the center of Nagoya, Aichi, in Japan's Tokai region, the Osu Shopping District flourished roughly 400 years ago during Japan's Edo Period (1603-1868 A.D.) as the gateway to Osu Kannon, a Buddhist temple in in Nagoya belonging to the Shingon Sect of Buddhism.
Today, the Osu Shopping District is home to stores selling anime/manga, maid cafes, and stores selling computers and other electronics, and it has even come to be called the sacred ground of Nagoya's otaku culture and subcultures.
Be sure to watch the video as you read along to experience the atmosphere of the Osu Shopping District!

The video is about 8 minutes long, and you can see the cameraman walking around the Osu Shopping District.
It'll make you feel like you're actually strolling the streets of Osu!

Highlights of the Osu Shopping District!

Image of Niomon Street, Osu Shopping District, Nagoya
Photo:Niomon Street, Osu Shopping District, Nagoya

The Osu Shopping District is a shopping center with a number of streets intersecting in an area of about 700 meters east to west and 500 meters north to south.
There are many shopping streets in the Osu Shopping District, each with its own unique characteristics.
Niomon Street (仁王門通り, Niomon Dori) and Higashi Niomon Street (東仁王門通り, Higashi Niomon Dori), located on the southernmost side of the Osu Shopping District, are lined with a variety of restaurants.
You can see the Higashi Niomon Street shopping district from 1:45 in the video.

There are also many restaurants that serve exotic cuisines, such as Brazilian and Taiwanese, giving the street a unique "hodgepodge" feel.
Osu Kannon Street (大須観音通り, Osu Kannon Dori) and Banshoji Street (万松寺通り, Banshoji Dori), which run through the center of the shopping district, are the main streets of the Osu Shopping District.
There are many restaurants as well as the Osu Engeijo (大須演芸場, a performing arts theater), live music venues, and second-hand clothing stores, and the area is crowded with many shoppers.
Akamon Street (赤門通り, Akamon Dori), located on the north side of the Osu Shopping District, is densely packed with computer stores and electronics stores, giving it an atmosphere similar to Akihabara.

The charm of the Osu Shopping District is the "hodgepodge" atmosphere that visitors feel when shopping there.
While there are restaurants and eateries where you can eat and drink, there are also pachinko parlors and small game centers, making it a place loved by tourists and locals alike.

The Osu Shopping District Has Tons of Events!

Image of a lively festival on Higashi Niomon Street, Nagoya
Photo:A lively festival on Higashi Niomon Street, Nagoya

The Osu Shopping District is a great place to enjoy unique stores, but it also hosts a variety of events.
In particular, the World Cosplay Summit, which has been held since 2003, is an internationally popular event.
Cosplayers from all over the world compete in qualifying rounds representing their respective countries, all heading to the Osu Shopping District for this global event.

In addition, various events are held on each street of the Osu Shopping District.
On the 18th and 28th of every month, the "Osu Kannon Antique Market" is held.
Similarly, on the 28th of every month, "Akamon 28 Festival" is held on Akamon Street, and "Daikoin Myoo-san Ennichi Fair" is held at Daikoin Temple (大光院).
Also, in winter, the "Fureai Plaza" in the Osu shopping district and Shintenchi Street (新天地通り, Shintenchi Dori) are decorated with illuminations to welcome shoppers.

Summary of the Osu Shopping District

The Osu Shopping District, loved not only by tourists but also by locals, is now also a venue for world-famous events.
The Osu Shopping District is lined with stores of various types, where you can enjoy gourmet lunches and strolls, entertainment, such as street performances, and anime and manga stores that promote otaku culture.
It's truly an amazing shopping area worth a visit.

There are also stores selling Korean goods and vintage clothes, shops selling hitsumabushi (a local specialty of Nagoya), shaved ice, Mont Blanc and other sweets, and old stores with a long history, souvenir shops, and shrines and temples, such as Banshoji Temple, making it a place where everyone from children to adults can have fun.

The Osu Shopping District is also accessible by car, but there is no parking available, so you'll have to use the payed parking lots around the area if coming via car.
Make some unforgettable memories at Osu Shopping District, a shopping center located in the center of Nagoya!

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The Osu Shopping District – A Massive Shopping Complex Packed With Approximately 1,200 Stores, in Nagoya, Aichi! Introducing the Shopping District Full of Attractions, From Historical Stores to Subcultures!
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