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From Tenma to Tengo Nakazaki-dori Shopping Street

This video, titled "Strolling through Osaka 2 - Tenma, Nakazakicho – Time travel back to the Showa era!"(大阪の街を歩く(2) 昭和にタイムスリップ!天満~天五中崎通商店街 Walking Osaka 2 - Tenma, Nakazakicho), was uploaded by " Panacealand."

The Umekita area around the north exit of the JR Osaka Station (大阪駅: Osaka-eki ) is where urban renewal projects have been promoted and transformed the place into a new town full of high-rise buildings.
On the other hand, the area a short ways away from the Osaka Station has off-streets and shopping centers that retain the down town and showa-era atmospheres.

This is a 9 and a half minute video shot by a person who actually walked from Tenma Station to the Tengo Nakazaki-dori Shopping Street through Tenma Ekimae Kita Hondori.
It feels as if you're actually walking through the retro-inspired street with many Japanese style bars and pubs.

Roadside Stands!

Tenma Ekimae Kita Hondori located immediately north of the Tenma Station is called Uratenma.
Many small stores like roadside stands line both sides of the street.
Many people enjoy meals or even a slightly early happy hour here.

As you can see from the video (1:30), people enjoy drinking in the middle of the day.
There are various types of restaurants serving Kushikatsu, Ramen, Yakitori, Pasta, Sushi, and more, all at reasonable prices.

What Is Tengo Nakazaki-dori Shopping Street

If you turn left after walking through the Tenma Ekimae Kita Hondori, you can see the entrance of the back street to the Tengo Nakazaki-dori Shopping Street (3:30).
During this stroll, you walk across a famous shopping center called “Tenjinbashiuji Shotengai” (3:45).

It's a roughly 400 meter long Shopping street that stretches all the way to Nakazaki Subway Station. Nakazaki-cho eki (中崎町駅: Nakazaki-cho station has various types of eating places serving French, Takoyaki, Sushi, Shaved ice, and coffee. It is also called “Oideyasu Street” and is famous for being “Osaka's Neighborhood Kitchen” .
Many kinds of shops, new and old, line both sides of this street.

Nakazaki-cho Station, which is a terminal of the Tanimachi Subway Line shown in this video (8:37), is next to the Osaka Station, and is accessible by foot.

Summary of Tengo Nakazaki-dori Shopping Street

We hope you were able to feel the nostalgia of the Shows era through the article and video.
The video is actual footage from the Tenma Station to the Tengo Nakazaki-dori Shopping street, so be sure to check it out.
You can feel the atmosphere of this street and what kinds of shops there are as well.

This area is easily accessible through JR or the Tanimachi Subway line, and even on foot.
This place is famous not just among Japanese, but due to its nostalgic atmosphere, it is also a popular spot among foreign tourists.
Be sure to check it out if you have the chance!

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Osaka's Tengo Nakazaki-dori Shopping Street: Take a Stroll Through the Retro Town Where the Influence of Showa Is Still Strong! Nostalgic Scenes That Make It Feel as Though You've Time Traveled Back to the Showa Era
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