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Osaka’s American Village,
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Osaka's Tengo Nakazaki-dori Shopping Street: Take a Stroll Through the Retro Town Where the Influence of Showa Is Still Strong! Nostalgic Scenes That Make It Feel as Though You've Time Traveled Back to the Showa Era
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This video, titled "Walking Along Ebisu Bashi-Suji Shopping Street in Minami Osaka #0035" (大阪ミナミ戎橋筋商店街を歩く #0035), was released by "machiaruki channel."
The video shows Ebisu Bashi-Suji Shopping Street in Minami Osaka.

For those who want to go to Namba but aren't able to do so, check out the video to get your fill!
Of course, those planning to visit Osaka should watch it as well. It's a good reference for making sightseeing plans.
At the 3:54, a famous spot in Osaka, Kani Doraku can be seen.
It's a great place for taking pictures and shopping!

Walking along Minami Ebisubashi-suji Shopping Street, a popular shopping spot in Osaka. If you want to feel the atmosphere of a trip to Osaka, this strolling video is not to be missed.
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