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Antenna Shops in Ginza and Yurakucho!

“Strengthening Cooperation! Antenna Shop Battlefield(連携強化! アンテナショップ激戦区),” created by “Tokyo MX,” is a news clip that was broadcast on January 18th, 2017.

There are many antenna shops that are operated by local governments and companies from all over Japan.
Antenna shops are shops that sell local products, foods, traditional crafts and souvenirs. There are also sightseeing information booths and restaurants/cafés that sell local cuisine and sweets.
It is like a showroom and gallery for local governments.
As you can see at 0:27, there are a lot of antenna shops inGinza and Yurakucho, creating a sort of "antenna shop war-zone."

In this article we'll introduce popular products at antenna shops in Yurakucho. Be sure to follow along with the video!

Antenna Shops around Yurakucho

The antenna shop battlefield from Yurakucho to Ginza is 300 meters in diameter.
According to research, annual sales of Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza reached over one billion yen; 100 million yen of which is from soft-served ice cream. You can see the survey results at 0:35 in the video.
Soft-served ice cream costs 350 yen (~$3.50 USD), which means there are a lot of people visiting this place.

At 2:18 in the video, you can see Hiroshima Brand shop TAU and Okinawa Ginza Washita Shop, which have sales between 700 million and 1 billion yen.

As introduced at 1:45, Oishii Yamagata Plaza sells "tama konjac," a local specialty, as well as fresh local vegetables from Yamagata.

Antenna Shop Cooperation

The antenna shops around Yurakucho cooperated to bring more visitors to the area.
The "National Men's Ekiden Stamp Rally," a coordinated event that ran from January 6th to the 22nd in 2017, was a stamp rally event to visit 16 shops in the Yurakucho area with a stamp collecting card.
If you collected seven stamps, you could enter to win a gift from the local government and merchandise for Ekiden.

The main antenna shop during the event is “Hiroshima Brand shop TAU.” The branch manager talks about why he started the event and introduces the popular product “Hassaku Orange Rice Cakes” during his interview.

Summary of Yurakucho's Antenna Shops

Image of Raw Yatsuhashi
Photo:Raw Yatsuhashi

“Strengthening Cooperation! Antenna Shop Battlefield” introduces how lively the antenna shops in Yurakucho are.
There are other antenna shops in Kochi, Tokushima, Kagawa, Hakata, Akita, Toyama, Osaka and Shizuoka as well.
There's also Hokkaido Foodist and Kyoto Kan around Yaesu, Tokyo.

The antenna shops in Ikebukuro, Kansai, Fukuoka, Nagano, Aomori, Gifu, and Aichi are gaining popularity as well.
Be sure to check out the homepage to see store hours and holidays.
Enjoy buying local products from all over Japan in the heart of Tokyo!

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Ginza, Tokyo - A Battlefield for Antenna Shops! A Look at the Exciting Antenna Shop Cooperation Event!
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