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Asakusa's Marugoto Nippon

This is a news video titled "The appeal of all of Japan, from Asakusa! 'Marugoto Nippon'" (浅草から全国の魅力を!「まるごとにっぽん」開業へ).

Built in 2015, Marugoto Nippon, is a new shopping complex built near the popular tourist attraction Sensoji Temple, directed towards inbound tourists.
Marugoto Nippon, built under the theme of revitalizing the rural regions, is now a new landmark promoting the attractiveness of regions all over Japan.

What Kind of Facility Is Asakusa's Marugoto Nippon?

As shown in the video, Marugoto Nippon is a four-story shopping complex inside the Tokyo Rakutenchi Asakusa Building in Asakusa, of Tokyo's Taito ward.
50 locations have been opened in 17 different municipalities around the nation in an attempt to convey the appeal of local goods from regions all over Japan.
With the theme of "see," "eat," and "take home," the store sells seasonal foods, local sake from breweries, traditional crafts from various regions, and household goods.

For more than half of the stores this is the first time that they have actually had a physical location.
Because of this, what was now only possible to buy over the internet or in rural areas can now be bought in Tokyo.
You can feel a sense of closeness to the more rural regions of Japan through this experience.

Among the many stores, there are popular restaurants and cafes in which you can drink boba tea (tapioca tea), a occasionally, there are events such as cooking classes or festivals, so you can enjoy the shopping complex in a variety of ways.

Learning About Japan Through Asakusa's Marugoto Nippon!

Marugoto Nippon in Asakusa, promotes the appeal of Japan to the world through the sale of regional specialties.
For example, at Oita Onsenza, seen from 1:45 in the video, they not only sell products containing minerals from hot springs, but they also provide a foot bath using water from the famous Beppu Onsen (hot springs).
Through this, they provide a service in which visitors to Japan can experience Japanese culture.

Also, being able to buy umeboshi (salted dried plums) and local sake, which was only available to buy at rural areas, in Tokyo, is another great aspect of the store.
There are also many easy-on-the wallet items so you might end up buying a lot of souvenirs albeit for a very reasonable price!

Summary of Marugoto Nippon

As of 2020, Asakusa is a popular tourist area that hosts more than 55 million domestic and foreign visitors annually.
Being able to buy local specialties from Japan’s rural regions in a location as convenient as Asakusa is nothing short of amazing as well.
Marugoto Nippon, shown in the video, is a popular place that not only attracts foreign visitors, but Japanese people as well.

Check out the Marugoto Nippon official website where you can see the store information and floor guides.
Please be aware that Marugoto Nippon is due to close in November of 2020. Make sure you stop by before it's gone for good!

◆Marugoto Nippon Facility Overview◆
【Address】〒111-8535 2-6-7 Asakusa, Taito Ward, Tokyo
【Access】A 10 minute walk from Tokyo Metro/ Tobu Railway Asakusa Station
【Operating Hours】10:00-20:00 (Business hours differ for some stores)
【Telephone No】03-3845-0510

【Official Website】Marugoto Nippon

【Tripadvisor】Marugoto Nippon

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Marugoto Nippon: A Taste of Rural Japan in Tokyo. Specialty Foods, Local Cuisine, and Traditional, Handcrafted Products From All Over Japan at the Popular Shopping Complex in Asakusa!
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