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This video, titled "A Unique Building in Ginza: Based on the Theme of 'Sukashibori' (16/06/15)" (銀座にユニークなビル出現・・・「透かし彫り」がテーマ(16/06/15)), was released by "ANNnewsCH."

The Ginza Place building, which opened in 2016 at the Ginza 4-Chome intersection, has 11 floors above ground and two basement levels, and is based on a traditional craft called "Sukashibori" (openwork/pierced work/fretwork) that involves creating patterns on thin sheets of wood.
It contains a Sony showroom, an event space, restaurants, and many other areas, and as a "landmark for creating the Ginza of tomorrow," it serves as a base for contributing to the creation of a district in Ginza that communicates new values and a future for the world from Japan.

The architect in charge of the exterior design was Klein Dytham Architecture, an internationally acclaimed firm with a deep knowledge of Japan.

A Bizarrely Designed Building in the Middle of Ginza! The Design That Makes Everyone Stop and Look up Was Inspired by Traditional Japanese Crafts
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