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This video, titled "Walking around Azabu Juban Minatoku, Tokyo - Long Take【東京・麻布十番】 4K," was released by "NIPPON WANDERING TV."
Azabujuban in Tokyo's Minato Ward is a "fashionable adult nightlife district" where the wealthy live.
It's famous for its concentration of celebrity shops and restaurants where celebrities pop in for a night out.
In this video, they take a stroll through Azabujuban and introduce the glamorous streets.

During the walk, you can see mothers and commuters out with their children.
You'll find cafes, soba noodle shops, and confectionery shops where you can stop by for a bite to eat.
Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Azabujuban in this video!

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Shopping in Azabu Juban, the Most Exclusive Shopping District in Japan! Strolling Through a City Loved by Celebrities!
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