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This video, titled "丸ビル Marunouchi Building 【Japan Street View】GoPro Hero7 4k," was released by "Japan Street View."

The Marunouchi Building, commonly known as the Maru Building, is a building with a mix of office buildings and shopping malls.

Built in 1923, it is an extremely historic building, and was often referred to as the "best building in the east."
The Maru Building was the first building in Japan to have both an office building and a shopping mall, and it is a building that symbolizes Tokyo in Japan.

In this video, they take a walk through the Maru Building, so if you're interested in shopping in Tokyo, consider giving it a watch!

Shopping at the Trendy Marunouchi Building Near Tokyo Station! Enjoy the Feeling of Shopping in Toyko in Super Beautiful 4K Video!
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