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Japan's Amazing Vending Machines!

The video we’ll introduce this time is titled "Japanese Vending Machines are AWESOME 日本の自販機すごい!!" It introduces some of the awesome vending machines you can find throughout Japan!

The vending machines shown in the video can only be found in Japan, so be sure to check them out!

The Vending Machines in the Video!

Digital signage
Photo:Digital signage

As you can see from 0:26 in the video, many of the vending machines placed in Japanese stations can accept not just cash, but train cards (electronic money such as Suica, etc.) as well.
You can purchase coffee, tea, and juice just by tapping your card against the vending machine, so there's no need to carry any bothersome change.

Japanese vending machines sell cold drinks, and in the winter there are hot drinks as well.
This is a unique characteristic of Japanese vending machines that you won't find in other countries.

A vending machine at Akihabara station is introduced at 2:05 in the video as well.
This vending machine has a touchscreen and the description of each drink is displayed on the screen.
There's also a vending machine for ice cream shown at 2:35 in the video.

Features of Japan's Futuristic Vending Machines

Image of a vending machine
Photo:Vending machine

Vending machines are handy machines where you can purchase a drink at the push of a button.
The drinks are cheap too, costing only about 100-160 yen.

Japan is said to be the vending machine superpower of the world, and there are about 2.56 million vending machines in Japan, which generate a whopping 2.2 trillion yen annually.
They’re placed in various places throughout towns, and places like stations and offices, so you can grab a drink whenever you like.

Types of Vending Machines and the History of the Vending Machine

Vending machines were invented in Japan more than 100 years ago in 1890.
Thereafter, from the Showa period (1926-1989) to the Heisei period (1989-2019), the types and provided services of vending machines continued to evolve.
In recent years, there are even vending machines where you can purchase hot meals that include things like Takoyaki, and there are also vending machines that are used to take orders and dispense tickets at restaraunts. You can even get train tickets with vending machines.

There are a fixed set of rules regarding the location and height of Japan’s vending machines, and they are placed according to these safety standards.

Summary of Japan's Vending Machines

Image of a vending machine
Photo:Vending machine

This article introduced talked about the different types of vending machines that can be found throughout Japan, and how to buy products from them.
The functions of vending machines continue to evolve year after year and there are an increasing number of them making it more convenient to get what you need, and it's even gotten easier to pay thanks to things like electronic money.

The vending machines that Japanese people use in their day to day lives are often seen as amazing futuristic devices.
If you're planning on visiting Japan, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some amazing vending machines!

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Japan's Vending Machines Are Evolving Every Year! Introducing the Latest Vending Machines Using Touch Screens and E-Money, That Can Only Be Found in Japan!
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